Lyor Cohen Sues Travis Scott for $2 Million after He Broke their 3 Year Management Contract.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Lyor Cohen Suing Travis Scott for $2 Million after He Broke their 3 Year Management Contract.
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  1. Akdamicks da typo niga make sure his shoes are tied in a bow he also sound like da typo niga blow his nose with a plastic bag and loves his corn chips hot out da microwave

  2. Shut the FUCK UP DJ Akademiks. Why the fuck are you always talking like you know every fucking thing man. Do you know what contracts are. God I'm so tired of you running your fucking mouth. People this is not news. This are all from hear say. I just to slap your fat mouth.

  3. This is ridiculous why would he sign a management deal if they we're not going to manage him? Lyor Cohen isn't relevant anymore that was his first mistake. He basically paying them to fuck him in the ass.

  4. Yo I'm Jewish and I feel y'all on Lyor being a fucking asshole… But chill with the Jew hate damn. Blacks and Jews are both minorities at the end of the day

  5. Can y'all stop blaming the Jews lol Travis obviously didn't read into his contract cause if he did he wouldn't be getting sued so all u niggas blaming Lyor and not Travis is Dick riders fr

  6. How do you know about the work they put in? What do you know about the details of the contract and the conditions for what they are supposed to get payed. Stupid ass speculating video without any information.

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