FightHype.com was on hand at Wembley Stadium in London, England where IBF and WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua spoke at the post-fight press conference following his 11th round TKO of former unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Check out what else he had to say about his performance and much more!


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  1. Both great guys, couldn't pick who i wanted win and im British, Vlad is so humble you cant not like him, AJ will become one of the best boxers alive i can see it

  2. I'm on the AJ Train watching his interviews… few days ago i was shouting for Klitschko but …. Anthony is a such a wonderful human being, can't help but love him 🙂 My only concern for his future is Deontay Wilder, the beast fights with ferocity and rage i've never seen before !

  3. many people are not giving Anthony Joshua his just do only b cuz of were he is from! it dont matter were u r from. were u r from dont determine your heart or desire n AJ has it. im american n I love this guy b cuz he's real, he has fun n he dont seem to b phony like a lot of other fighters.. message to all other heavy weights… come with your A game or this guy will fuck u up!

  4. does he really need to be wearing headphones all the time?
    i know its his sponsor but fucking hell, during the post fight interview? come on !

  5. Wow what a good guy there at the end asking if he should stay overtime at the table answering more questions after such grueling fight! Infinite heart from Joshua, what a good and honest bloke! If his trainer and promoter didn't tell him to leave he would sit there for however it takes to answer to all the media questions. What a great guy and a real example for kids and next generations! I was always the one who like trash talking and getting inside the opponents mind, BUT this is what it's all about! Mad props to you Anthony Joshua, you are a true example of a person and now I get why Tony Bellew loves you so much (a guy who takes huge pride in having kids), YOU THE MAN BABY!

  6. Joshua fans!!!! Please , watch last 18 seconds of the fight in slow motion (25 %) and tell yourself what great outstanding and phenomenal punches of Great champion Anthony, actually won him the fight. You agree – it has to be at least some punches in this 18 seconds of Greatest ending of the Greatest fight ever , by which champion Anthony Joshua crushed Klitschko. you must want to enjoy those punches at the end of the fight , you want to see how those punches ACTUALLY LANDED on the poor opponent : please it just 18 second in slow motion, find ONE LANDED punch to enjoy – your champion worth it.

  7. He thinks he is the new ALI . But he is Shit. Luky Luke. Klitschko smashed his head at 6. But didnt understand to finish. if it was Wilder his head was flying out of the ring

  8. AJ is a beast but his defences are terrible he could do with some advise he needs to watch some holyfield or Toney if he sharpened his defence he would be unstoppable if he doesn't he will always be vunerable to a big puncher or good boxer Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis in their prime would drop Joshua if they fought him right now.

  9. I only hate his shitty fake fan base full of little pricks who don't watch boxing and start calling him a legend and hating on Wald and hyping up the 19 'KOs'

  10. He will end up being an ambassador to the sport genuine down to earth Guy!! And in my eyes a Gentlemen and no 1 cant say he ain't!! Fury will never fight again he's gone and we all know it likes his cocaine 2 much

  11. Let's keep this in perspective people. Klitschko is 41, Joshua is 27
    (young and in his prime). To fight a fight like this at 41 is asking a
    lot. It was only natural that a young, up and coming champion would
    supplant the old champion who is about to retire. This was more of a handing down the torch.

    But credit to AJ, he will hopefully reign as the new champ for many years

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