xxxtentacion warns 600 Breezy to ‘Walk Light’ while in Florida. 600 Breezy says ‘NA IM STOMPIN THRU’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on xxxtentacion warning 600 Breezy to ‘Walk Light’ while in Florida. 600 Breezy says ‘NA IM STOMPIN THRU’
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  1. my opinion breezy do owe drake & he probably feel that same way!! Drake put 600 breezy on the more life album lol. and that have him exposer. and it's proven that 600 breezy gained over 100k followers from that too. fuck X that nigga act like a hoe and he not with the street shit.. ye he can fight.. but niggas don't fight these days. especially niggas in my city (Chicago) it's shoot first ask questions later fr ✔💯💯💯💯

  2. breezy need to take drake dick out his mouf..drake a straight hoe ass nigga for actin like he didn't take x shit let the young nigga eat & quit stealin from the culture jus like yo white roots drake on that honkey shit

  3. anytime drake has beef 600breezy will help and also they are really good friends 600breezy is cool dude he be in the neighborhood chilling with some people Ik funny part he be everywbere

  4. 600 Breezy wack af for this. He involving himself in some beef he isn't even a part of. Let Drake address his own beefs, he a grown ass man. He don't need some retarded ass nigga to step in.

  5. RESPECT FOR SENDING THE DM and not posting that as a tweet. thats Real 'Af. everyones trying to get attention for going hard. xxx is doing that directly. not publicly

  6. I think xxxtentacion. shud keep makn good music and keep aloser nigga like drake to be like I think I wanna tax his money and use his flow. xxxtentacion u got weird lookin niggas lime 600brezzy catching a plane to a different state fa drake 600brezzy a nigga will blow ur head off u and drake ain't got no pull wen it comes to xxxtentacion so stop voucher culture n like

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