Talking Coachella & Odell Beckham Jr’s Sexuality on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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Hollywood Unlocked is a multimedia platform that takes a multicultural approach to unlocking Hollywood. By leveraging Jason Lee’s close relationships with celebrities and social media influencers, Hollywood Unlocked has become a powerful, mainstream source of information!

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  1. Okay so first and foremost I just want to say how much I love this show! This is probably the only show I listen to/watch that is so engaging yet conversational that I find myself wanting to comment on, elaborate on or add to the conversations y'all have! That chill "its you and your friends at your house talking shit about life and anything else" vibe y'all have definitely makes you guys unique. Also, quick clarification about PREP. (This is mostly for those of you who are interested in taking it) . I am no expert, but I have read a few articles about it in the past. It is a pill that men or women can take. It does plummet your chances of getting HIV, however in order to get that increase in immunity you have to take it DAILY!! It's like birth control. It has to be consistently in your system. Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Keep up the GOOD work Hollywood unlocked! I listen to your interviews regularly while I drive to law school everyday to keep me sane

  2. @52:20… He is not light skin… He's brown/ cocoa. Jason is light skin but I don't think that shit matters to him… We need more brothaz like that who are not all into that light skin/ dark skin sissy shit. Real men are just men and real men like regular people even with a preference.

  3. Like the show! I'm all caught up now on the episodes. Just one thing: if Jason can allow Melyssa & Gio to complete their thoughts on topics without interjecting so often, that benefit the viewers.

  4. I can't STAND when people always talk about blacks in general terms. The reason people think some stars are gay is because those rumors usually travel from that person's circle. White people ALSO have the same thing with Nick Jonas or Tom Cruise…. stop tryna make blacks seem bad JASON.

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