Tiny Talks Divorce With T.I. And Beef With Bernice Burgos

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  1. u know what, I'll just say this let this be a lesson to those who are looking for a relationship, commitment, monogamy, etc… not that anything is wrong with those things but to many mf is selfish and want there own way, haven't we noticed their has been a string of celebrity break-ups to name a few janet jackson n her man lala n carmelo da list goes on, people need to get back to dating n having fun relationship's, marriage and raising a family ain't easy u have to know that there's priorities,responsibilities,accountability,expectations,sacrifices,challenges and also a bit of your freedom being restricted, when u enter a monogamous relationship a lot of work is involved n people don't see that going in unfortunately and when they break-up this may cause a rift between the children if they have any…smh.that's why im single, dating n having fun I don't plan on settling down any time soon and im 29 years old the way i see it u have plenty of time to be with one person enjoy your freedom people!!! #besafetho 💯

  2. I agree with everything Felicia Hall said. I meAn tiny held to down for what 15yrs. did everything he wanted and asked for and now being married to her is a distraction. this woman have up her life and cAreer for him, what more can he ask for. he can't ask for nothing I fell u cause he got it all, now he wants to sew his wild oats. Ladies, we need to start looking out for ourselves as opposed to the needs and wAnts of these men that we are choosing cause in the end, all we get is HEARTBREAK. Good luck tiny, it might look dark and gloomy rgt now but the sun will shine again love.

  3. THERE IS NO OTHER WOMEN!!!!!! this fool is changing her eye color and her daughter's eye color trying to look more like a white woman and he's fighting for Black rights!!! this other woman thing is a cover up to make sure both of their careers are not ruined! don't be fooled!!!

  4. nobody ever thought about Floyd Mayweather taking his first L ? if he fucked with Tiny then what does that say about his taste in women vs the other women he been wit ? Tiny is not even a 6 on a scale from 1-100 . jus saying

  5. Anytime a woman puts up with a brothers shenanigans? That's as down and loyal as you can get! Sometimes it ain't smart to keep on being down though, moving forward looks like Tiny is the beautiful one. The side chick don't realize she have to live up to Tiny's legacy as wife of T.I. And my guess is SHE AIN'T GONE BE ABLE TO DO IT! Tip Harris on to the next wanna be Westbrook…

  6. yall pick looks over loyalty and its funny yet sad. the ONLY thing yall can say about tiny is that shes "ugly" ……thats it….thats ALL yall comments say when half of yall arent much to look at. smh ima pray for yall

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