Rosario Dawson Talks Star Wars, Relationship w/ Eric Andre + Plays Do’s & Dont’s

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  1. The fact that she isn't already impregnated, shackled, locked-down, and out of the market makes me think there really aren't enough real men out here. This bitch is banging. I feel the same about Tracy Ellis Ross. I'm sure they have happy relationships from time to time, but I'd marry her in a heart beat.

  2. She always speaks so much sense when it comes to politics. She's a million percent right to point out people's hypocrisy and apathy, when a president they like on a personal level is in charge. Likeability and rhetoric don't mean shit without the right actions to back them up. There's been so many celebrities that I previously found likeable, who I can only roll my eyes at since this last election cycle. I'm glad that Rosario isn't one of them given how cool and hot she is.

  3. Rosario Dawson is not the right actress to portray Ahsoka Tano, her politics would clearly clash with the character and honestly she doesn't even seem to know much at all about the character except for her name and that she has 2 lightsabers. Back to politics, Dave Filoni the creator of Ahsoka and Ashley Eckstein the voice actress for the character, both have said that the true Star Wars fans don't say, "Ahsoka is such a great female character. They say Ahsoka is such a great character. Gender has never mattered to male fans." Rosario leans pretty far left and she would no doubt turn this into, "Look at me, I'm a minority women playing a strong, empowered, female character." That's not what Ahsoka is at all and to take the character in that direction would just be ignorant and show lack of understanding for the character. She fought alongside Kenobi and Skywalker, she never had to state that she was an empowered girl, the entire Jedi order accepted her immediately. The fans were against the character at first, but Ashley's performance and Dave's writing won them over and she is beloved by all.

  4. Idk how in the blue hell Eric Andre managed to get this woman. She's probably the most thorough/beautiful woman in the industry. The amount of charity work, giving back, contributions to Africa, movements she's apart of, intelligence, and so much more… There's few women like her in the industry. I need to find me a wife like her

  5. Wow! That's rare….a female that doesn't tell white lies when they feel they are protecting the other. Good for her. Most women are not like that. It's like they got to tell that little white lie, and still don't call themselves liars.

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