David Banner Discusses His New Album, Hip-Hop Evolution & How Trump Woke Us Up

David Banner Discusses His New Album, Hip-Hop Evolution & Why Trump Was The Greatest Thing To Happen To Us

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  1. I really want to see a movie, documentary whatever on what if black, brow yellow and red ppl just fucking left America. would America be happier without us? we need a place of our own to thrive in and take care of our own for a change…

  2. I am not huge on supremacy (from any ethnic race), but as a white man raised by black people, I have been saying the same things he did to my family all my life and they said "that isn't right". I am glad men like David Banner exist.

  3. 15m16s When Banner says, "if you wanna be a sellout, be a sellout… but really get paid for it." Charlemagne coughs guiltily. He's one of the "brilliant idiots" that sells-out for peanuts. Lil Yachty worth more than you, you disgrace!

  4. why he talking about whites so much if it wasn't for white people u black folks would still be in Africa quit whining u in America. the greatest country on earth. racism is everywhere black people are racist against whites but for some reason that's different. smh

  5. FINALLY!!! a blackman, a rapper, stop using the, N word, period! feels good to know I'm not the only one. If only half the artist thought , acted and live like this man, brotha, our love for self and community would be the envy of the world!

  6. At first he was a breath of fresh air, but now all he do is speak negativity and doing something wrong you have to speak light and love in order for a change show "our people" love and the positive aspect of what we're doing and if there is a problem be the solution show the way and stop comparing our people to everyone else. I agree with some things he said.

  7. from chaos…..comes ORDER!!!! now is the time for melanated people to embrace, unity, peace and prosperity as a whole! understand…..You are the Savior……You are the Majik……there is no-thing coming! for those of you that are waiting on something to come….You are the one You have been waiting for. Go Within!!!!

  8. Envy and Yee are so out of touch some times. They should not be included in intellectual Black conversations. Well, I guess we do need them to ask the silly things so that they can be schooled and others who think like them can be reprogrammed. SHEESH.

  9. the only thing I disagree with is the notion of hip-hop giving in to white supremacy….this notion is only impactful if you generally feel inferior. we hv to stop this focus on white supremacy and start focusing on our creative excellence

  10. I feel what he said about not being to sleep at night. I had money, cars, jewelry, etc but I had did so much dirt, shit was dark for me. I had to do my best to cleanse my soul

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