Would You Like to Know How You’re Going to Die? Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]


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  1. It why is everyone super enamored with a famous person, I don't celebrate human being screw the celebrity status. The thirst of these people it beyond ridiculous and I bet Melissa is biracial as In her grand parents one of them. So annoying

  2. I honestly love Melyssa and she adds so much dimension to the show. She isn't "trying" to look smart she just is. She's an articulate, well rounded, cultured woman and I appreciate that Melyssa isn't afraid to say she partly identifies as a white person since her mom is white. There's nothing wrong with that! It would be crazy of her to not acknowledge being white and just say she's identities as black just because she looks black. People need to stop haring and appreciate people's different backgrounds and cultures.

  3. I'm working so hard to develop a podcast network so that I can expand my voice since I'm from a small town. I am working my ass off to get in that stage myself!!! I honor what you guys do and the way you guys do it!!!!!

  4. Melyssa, please miss me with "Canada embraces all cultures!" spiel. Trudeau deports immigrants in masse. Racism exists there just like it does in the States. At least Americans can admit there is a problem.

  5. Also, can we PLEASE kill this notion that "sounding white" means "talking properly?" It honestly has more to do with speech inflection than anything. Tanehisi Coates speaks "proper" but sounds black–specifically, Black American.

  6. I would like to know how i die lol.

    First of all i believe when Melyssa says that she did not experience racism when she grew up but i always though that she was a black girl i know her for a long time never thought that she could be white to but that does not mean that i think that she has to be black or that she talks white what type of shit is that and what is talking white to most of ya,ll ? are you black enough if you come from the hood or smoke blunt everyday come on now. this is the way that you should talk thats why people like her come far in live its not a white thing is our thing to talk like we went to school.

  7. Gio is a grown man, if he was bothered that much he would leave or go off as grown men do. He ain't hurting as much as some of y'all think that he is, he also joins in when he can think of good comeback. Stop treating him as if he's some child getting bullied, you can clearly see that isn't the case.

  8. I love listening to yall while I'm working….yall crack me  up……..Mel…gurl just be your pretty self……so what they say u sound like a white girl……I used to get that too….as I have a new York accent and my family lives in the south……..they told me the same thing………..GIO an JASON…love yall too………u make me smile and laugh and admire yall when u talk seriously…I hunt for new shows that I haven't heard……….THE TANK INTERVIEW is my all time best………

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