Doc Rivers is to blame for the Los Angeles Clippers’ issues | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless talk Doc Rivers. Find out why he deserves the blame for the L.A. Clippers’ problems.
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Doc Rivers is to blame for the Los Angeles Clippers’ issues | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. You can't blame that on Doc. I feel like coaches get fired all the time. Its lack of talent in the west. Warriors and Spurs are just better teams. If you put Doc on the Warriors roster they'd arguably be the same team. I could coach them and they'll get to the finals. Blake Griffin is the issue. I feel like Chris Paul needs more shooters around him.

  2. A huge problem is Blake griffin,,,this guy is a shell of himself..,I don't understand why he's never turned into a more skilled offensive talent…he's also seemingly lost a lot of explosiveness…I don't know,, he's just not the same player

  3. Top 5 NBA Players;
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. LeBron James
    3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    4. Bill Russell
    5. Magic Johnson

    Top 5 NBA Coaches;
    1. Gregg Popovich
    2. Phil Jackson
    3. Steve Kerr
    4. Brad Stevens
    5. Tyronn Lue

  4. I can say Doc is just lucky to have gotten Ray Allen and KG. Everybody knows that. But he bit off more than he could chew by tryna be coach and GM. So yes I think he's overrated at this point, but I will say, if the Clippers can right this ship, and play at the level they are capable of (seems like we say this every year) then that series vs the Warriors could be interesting. The Warriors definitely win but Clipscould make it tough

  5. The Clippers should be at the same level as the Warriors and Spurs but cnt cuz they have a coach that is overrated .

    Garnett,Allen,and Rondo won the title not Doc

  6. Rivers may just be a one time championship winner. He's a very good coach…but may not be the type of coach that can win a title multiple times throughout a career

  7. clips definitely should make a change because this cast hasn't been able to get nothing done. can't even make it to the Western conference finals with those three good players.

  8. Blake Griffin is scared of prime time and always hurt. Deandre Jordan is rolling in money when hes already reached his ceiling and you cant even play boy in the 4th if you need free throws. They need a better wing over jj reddick, Austin Rivers shoulda Been in the DLeague.

  9. I feel like Doc is just riding his name and reputation and getting a free pass over and over again instead of relying on and being judged on his own merits and CURRENT abilities/accomplishments. If his name wasn't "Doc Rivers" he'd be long gone and getting the proper criticism he deserves from all the right places. He's hiding behind this built up perception people have of him from the past when they hear his name "Doc Rivers" almost like a brand. But we should judge on merit, on CURRENT ability, on CURRENT accomplishments, and not give someone a pass again and again just because you recognize the name.

    1:08 Shannon basically making my point for me right here. Riding off that one championship win (and the few others where he came close,) being a name people have recognized for years and years because of that, getting credit for nothing for years when you weren't that great all because of that one year, that "brand" of his name Doc Rivers… It's like seeing a brand or a name you trust on something and instantly giving more credit than it deserves (give it credit based on merit in the present, not preconceived notions.)

  10. He's not an all star, but Austin Rivers is a great player who can light it up in the 15-20 mins doc plays him. He earns it. To act like he gets special treatment, far from it skiiiuuup

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