Charlamagne Opens Up About What Happened With Wendy Williams, Carmelo & La La Anthony Separate

Charlamagne Opens Up About What Happened With Wendy Williams, Carmelo & La La Anthony Separate

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  1. Wendy better be careful that her husband doesn't pull a Kendu Isaac on her ass in the end. That would not be a good day for her because for one all the shit she said about people and two I dont think that dude means her well

  2. Why do a lot of black men cheat ? And why do a lot of white men molest little kids? Aren't those the same rooted problems? Sin makes a home inside people… read the Bible

  3. Whatever Kevin did to Charlmagne wouldn't sale any books but add Wendy W name then maybe so. From what I hear WW is very nice to her staff hence the low turnover of employees.

  4. there's some truth in the statements made…around the same time Wendy got her test run on fox an intern filed a sexual harassment suit against wbls,Wendy and her husband….she claimed kevin repeatedly flirted with her and made sexual comments…many times in earshot of Wendy…prior to fox green lighting the show wendy had to settle the harassment case as fox wld not pick up the show with the negative looming that cld become a national story…..they did quickly setlle the case…i am not sure of the amount or if wbls paid the money or wendy and kevin….wendy is very frugal so I believe bls but there was potential millions on the table here so in all likelihood….both parties kicked in money…wendy and kevin have always been hustlesrs….and wendy did weekend side gigs of hostin wnd gigs for $500….kevin coordinated the money and was very aggressive and no nonsense…if funds were not wired or cert check in hand they wld not be heading to the event…kevin has always had a nasty rep and many have stated he likes to isolate wendy and everything must go through him…

  5. Method Man ripped in to Wendy Williams ummmmmhmmmmmm. Wendy I didn't know you got DOWN like that girl….What is the white stuff on your mouth???? 😂😂😂

  6. This is double standard BS. If LaLa Anthony had a baby by another man during her marriage to Carmelo would anyone even open their mouth to say "hopefully they will work things out amicably". HELL NO! The conversation would be very different!

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