Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives, Butt Shots & Bonnet Chronicles

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  1. Sad, sad, woman… grow the hell up Tami, it is pathetic at this point, you are one angry, ignorant woman. A very Poor representation for us black women, a BULLY of the worst sort, act your age and get some dignity ugh.

  2. she got money so why would u risk your health n go to a bootleg when she could of just got a fat transfer from a Dr with a degree .. her ass will be hard as a rock in years

  3. Why is so much make up on her face? I find it hard to believe that she is a comedian or does a good comedy set, of any sort, as she said nothing in this interview that was even remotely funny or interesting. Where as when you watch real comedians (or just funny people), they make you laugh during the interview. Like Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, etc I've attempted to watch a few of her venting blogs (or whatever she calls them) and it just comes off as her rambling on and on at a quick pace. But glad she has an audience willing to pay money for that.

  4. every woman do have a bonnet but there is a time and place for everything. These bitches wear that shit everywhere they go. Bonnets when sitting down eating at a dine in restaurant, applying for a job, at Walmart, like come on that shit is soooooo ratchet. Get it together black women. I am ashamed of my own race when I see that. I never leave out the house like that. if I don't feel like doing my hair I'll just put a hat on my head and move on. Gotta love us tho.

  5. Charlemagne: " Was it the Instagram models too, always going on there seeing them…."
    Tami: " No, I did it because I never had a Butt, it was a personal decision…."

    First Of all , Bullshit! U know Tami is trying to keep up with these young ass Urban model types built like Bernice Burgos, ain't no fucking way one of them hos ain't made her wanna get a bigger ASS. It's the downfall of all black women unfortunately

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