Ludacris Llama Llama Red Pajama Freestyle

Ludacris raps the popular children’s book- Llama Llama Red Pajama!

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  1. Hey, America, this was the Read for the Record book back in 2011 on October sixth! Does anyone remember? At my school, the Title reading teacher read this to grades K-4 and I was in fourth grade and she was literally dressed up in red pajamas and had a pillow and a stuffed llama with her. There's even a picture in my yearbook.

  2. Luda killed this! He's the man and was hands down the best at this. Camila did a great job too, but seeing other rappers try the llama llama rap reveal how talent-less they truly are… Luda did this with ease while other rappers seemed to struggle a little. Luda, please release an album of children's books and we'll buy it!

  3. tbh this was underwhelming. All he did was read the exact words to the beat I heard so much about this one I thought he out his own spin on it but he didn't. At least the other rappers that did it threw in their own freestyle with it. I like Ludacris tho don't get me wrong y'all just hyping this too much

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