T.I. Talks Separation from Tiny, Rumors, Kevin Hart Challenge + The Family Hustle

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  1. This was very disappointing. He's made some of my favorite songs but a grown ass man calling his wife, his family? A distraction?! Ain't no kind of man at all. He's in a relationship with himself?
    In the New Testament, there are very few rules or demands after
    Believe I gave my Son…

    But it was important enough for God to specifically tell men to love their wives more than they love themselves. If they do? Blessings! Because it's no easy feat in this world and for a man?! Especially! No, Tip I never expect perfection. I do expect a man. I didn't see or hear one in this interview. I saw a self centered, arrogant person flirting with disaster.

  2. I don't care what this man does in his marriage but I respect him being honest and owning up to the fact that you sometimes need to be selfish in life. People are basically giving him shit because he didn't choose to stay in a situation that wasn't fulfilling.

  3. If you get to the goal but destroyed your family in the process then what is the point. The name means nothing without your family together in the end to enjoy and benefit. Divorce is worst than death to a child, even a well loved child. God bless them.

  4. T.I basically the new 2pac of are day and if you disagree we'll think about this take all the rappers and think about who is compared to PAC I will say t.i ten million times a hundred percent he's the voice we need ain't no one else doing what he's doing he's on a whole other level if you want to compare all the rappers I doubt your favourite rapper is even near to PAC T.I the only one on he's level if not more and my opinion is he's better just saying facts name someone better then T.I doubt you can lol T.I deserves a whole lot of credit too bad he's going to put it in your head one way or another hate or love him he's more of a real one then you'll ever be they ain't great as this guy he speaking up for the world something not much so cause they too scared t.i a real one he the one making the big moves your rapper ain't.

  5. shut. the fuck you smooth talkn piece of shit you fucked. your family up let me tell you this tinys not gonna wait for your ass while your fuking all these nasty girls she will move on and that lil baby gonna be calling another man daddy wether you like it or not. i hope its worth you whoring around ith these skanks

  6. It could be selfish? Do you really believe your bullshit? I mean really like Tiny was there with her little self holding you down from moving onward and upward, pleaaaase? Everyone watched the show everyone saw you holding her back having issues with her friends her other shows, the time you thought she should be spending with the kids, getting in fist fights over a little dance. PLEEEEASE whoever has been feeding you lies fire them and look in the mirror!!!

  7. Tiny was and will continue to be a BOSS with or without TI, just read Ed Sheeran admitted that "Shape Of You" used TLC's "No Scrubs" melody so Tiny and Kandi were awarded co-writing credits on "Shape of You"

  8. I can tell by the comments most people here don't really KNOW much about TI… TI was and likely still is a full blown DRUG ADDICT and Tiny (his wife) dabbled in drugs too. The Family Hustle show was a PR stunt to cleanup TI's image, and was ironic because he did not want Tiny to do her show with Toya. Nether of them REALLY have had full custody of their children. Zonique was raised by her grandparents because Tiny's house and overall life was too much (she has half siblings from her father too/ she isn't really close to TI and knows a LOT more but has chosen to be discrete/ Tiny is lucky to have her), Messiah and Damoni (?) have always lived with their mother and don't see their dad that much when not filming (they also have a step dad and two or three half sisters from their mom), Deasia lives with her mom who was just a jumpoff and was pregnant with her when Damoni's mom was pregnant with him(her mom also has like three other daughters), King basically lived with Tiny's mom especially when TI was locked up or she was traveling with him which was most of the time, and Major was raised by Precious who lived in the house with TI/Tiny to help take care of the kids. THIS WAS NEVER A HAPPY NORMAL FAMILY. TI/Tiny lived a life of Sodom and Gomorrah full out! They went to counseling a couple years ago but clearly it didn't' work.Tiny seems to be trying to wake up from it all but has NO SELF ESTEEM! She is still sleeping with him and has a very immature mentality, she's too old to be this ratchet and ignorant. And TI doesn't seem to realize the cracks are starting to show on him too, he is not bouncing back from this one…Oh and his mom is a fucking nightmare she upholds all his foolishness and would pump TIny up to keep her at her sons mercy.. A MESS!

  9. So sad TI is talking about growing up and working out your marriage should be a part of your growing up. Especially from a woman who stood by you through it all. Buying her expensive gifts is so yesterday. Are you going to keep jumping from one woman to another? Divorce never benefits the children it only benefits the parents. TI needs to realize that Family Hustles stands for beautiful blend family and how it can work. It will never work this way cause eventually TINY i going to move on and TI will realize it is not that easily said. You must go through therapy and make necessary changes to better your family and continue to be an example that you have become to many young men. Pride is number one destruction… Work it out. You can do it. Look at Denzel Washington and learn from him…..God bless your family.

  10. wow TI you had a good a women. She was there for your first million everyone else is going to use you fake people for you know. If I was you make things right with Tiny God only gives you one WIFE….

  11. Wow….You can see his motives and intentions here! T.I. is not ready for marriage period! There's a saying that I found on Instagram. It reads….."BEFORE YOU MAKE A HUSBAND OUT OF HIM….LET GOD 1ST MAKE A MAN OUT OF HIM." It takes a man of maturity to stay in a marriage. It's all about investment & commitment!!!! He was absolutely right when he said…."The Marriage Is A Distraction." EXACTLY….. because he's not mature enough to handle marriage!!!!!👍👍👍

  12. no racist stuff but it exist u right but I rally ant racist maybe I'm have some prejudice but the county I lived in last i was surrender by it everyday just gotta get use to things

  13. Why is everybody talking shit on tip , just cause he dosnt wanna be with tiny anymore dosnt make him a bad person . Marriage isn't for everyone , so you fuckers need to quit judging

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