Russell Westbrook NBA RECORD 42ND TRIPLE DOUBLE Full Game Highlights | April 9, 2017

Watch as Russell Westbrook records his 42nd Triple Double of the season all the while dropping 50 points and a game winning three point shot! Westbrook’s Triple Double breaks the previous record of 41 Triple Doubles in a season previously held by Oscar Robertson in his 1961-1962 Season!


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  1. hmm. I really don't like Westbrook and he looks Hella funny. but godamn he got my respect, that last shot was terrifying. the other team must have been like omg WTF kinda voodoo is that lolololololol.

  2. Mark my words, when Russel Westbrook's career is over he will be considered one of the greats. Maybe even greater than Jordan. You see the determination and the drive to win. He will defeat the Warriors and make a statement. Never saw anyone play the game of basketball with that much energy as well as aggression. He will work with what he's got in OKC and win. He doesn't need no superstars on his team to win a championship. He's a competitor and he will not go down without a fight

  3. If this doesn't go in the list of greatest individual games in history: triple-double for the record, 50pts, team was DOWN, and the DEEP game winning buzzer-beating 3!

  4. 42nd triple double? He has 42 triple doubles? Woooooow! I always saw Westbrook as one of the greatest. His speed, aggression, strength, and willingness to to win all made him MVP.

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