Rare Moment – Joey Bada$$ Gets Emotional While Discussing the Death of Capital Steez & Junior

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  1. people are stupid as fuck thinking any conspiracy was around joey killing steez. If anything it was from the depths of his lyrics and direction of his 47 movement. No one will ever know what really happened to steez but its hard to imagine him commiting suicide on purpose in the position he was in especially

  2. Damnnn I can't even imagine having to go through what Joey did and still is . It's crazy how life works out , there is almost a silver lining beauty to all this tragedy, that now Joey has this new powerful passion that means way more to him now than it probably did before . Now he is doing it for his angels that guided him and helped him along the way. Them passing away has given him an extra push towards success . I think his career has and will elevate because of all of this. Life works in weird ways.

  3. I think Joey's fanbase are so strong because they can relate to him on a human level. He's not some sort of unreachable goal but more of a idol and a inspiration.

    Also there is some high ass frequency fucking up this video. Just sayin.

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