Joey Badass Murders Freestyle over Kodak Black’s “Tunnel Vision” on The Angie Martinez Show

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  1. So, most y'all complaining because he ended with nigga a lot, but let me just ask. If he dropped nigga, all these lines would still rhyme, so would y'all still have complaints??? Like just on some real shit, this still has bars, so I really don't know why y'all complaining.

  2. for everyone compaining that this freestyle sucks, hes been doing freestyles all month for every radio station so obviously hes gonna lose some inspiration especially after releasing an album

  3. he says "I keep one in the chamber when it's time to off a nigga, don't need a hammer to put a nail in a coffin nigga" guns have hammers, he says he has one in the chamber, he would need a hammer to put a "nail in a coffin" so I'm unimpressed by that a little.

  4. I hope he grows with the same maturity that he invested in his sophomore album. Hoping he is a break in the clouds of all these rappers who constantly rapping about guns, violence, women. Joey hit all those traps in this little freestyle. smh

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