“He’s just very elusive…I was just so surprised at his age how just alert he was…he thinks defensive first…very smart at dictating the pace…very observant of everything that’s going on…he just knows every part of that ring,” stated former world champion Andre Berto, who explained what it’s like to fight Floyd Mayweather. Check it out!


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  1. Boxing is a bloody sport & Floyd makes it look so simple. It's a contact sport but the best players play it like chess. Like chess you don't randomly just pick up any piece to make your next move, you calculate and think few steps ahead same with boxing you don't just throw jab, cross, hook, uppercut or just slide and move. You think ahead and always the smart guy checkmates

  2. Connor should show no fear, and use his strength to man handle Floyd back into a corner. Then, give it his best barrage for the knock out. And if that does not work, then, just jab and run for the rest of the fight. Give Floyd a taste of his own medicine, and see how he enjoys chasing an opponent for once, lol.

  3. What he's explaining is a veteran fighter…..Floyd can hit very hard, but he only does what it takes to win at this age. One of my favorite fights was Floyd vs Cotto, Cotto made Floyd fight and he was willing to get hit. Floyd thru some of the most beautiful combinations I've seen.

  4. don't even sound like he's describing a fighter or a fighting/battle situation…its like he describing a technician or an engineer of his craft. "An unarmed combat technician who engineers victories."

  5. Boxing rules lend itself into making defensive fighting the best option. This is why Muay Thai is so much better as a combat sport for both real life and entertainment; deregulating the clinch gives pressure fighters the tools it needs to shut down counter fighters, making the fighters much more well-rounded and the fights much more exciting.

  6. Mayweather don't fight so if u do the same thing he does then he would have to attack. Every one loses cus they try beating him up. Just play defense like mayweather does.

  7. Oh my gahd. This guy is a messiah. Hes very smart. Realist talk ever. No bullshit nuthin like that. Never heard anyone explain it so real and so intelligent

  8. These is guy is one of the smartest fighters is describing how tough is to beat Floyd, how is McGregor going to overpower the geniuses of Mayweather.i just don't see it happening.

  9. 3:34, that's how I assume canelo was feeling. I thought while watching the fight that canelo was probably feeling odd because he's never been in a situation like that. Or so it seemed.

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