How can a dude protect himself incase a Chick Lies about you ‘Hitting Her’

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  1. When it comes to situations like these, yeah, guys just don't stand a chance. Who is the jury going to believe? Victim Girl they don't know who says guy assaulted her? or the Guy who is being suspected of harming the Victim Girl? Think about that for a moment, how could a jury treat it 100% fairly? You say they rely on the evidence, nah, they are presented the evidence that does not mean they rely on it and how about situations where there is almost no evidence on either side? In those cases the jury is seriously left with nothing but the Victim Girl they do not know and the suspect Guy they do not know. It is hopeless, any woman at any time can throw any (non-rich) guy into incarceration and with a really fucking bad mark on the record, all the woman has to do is say the guy sexually harassed or assaulted her in some way and boom it's all over. Your chances of beating the case are near to null.

  2. Now that we're speaking on the topic, I gotta say, if you look through Rihanna's Twitter, the girl sure knows how to run her mouth recklessly. I would not be shocked to find out that she was instigating on that fateful night.

  3. I always found it confusing and dumb that men are taught not to hit women but women are not taught to not hit men, I'm not saying men should just be beating women asses all I'm saying is if you a female and you hit a man 1st just be prepared to get hit back,now some dudes might not hit you but some niggaz will, I've seen so many videos of females all in niggaz facing trying to get them to react and then you see a female swing on a man nobody does shit but the moment the man decides to protect himself and hit her back he's in the wrong and that ain't right

  4. recording doesn't help homie tried that & cop still took the chick side because she scratched her self off camera & said she was defending herself against him foh can't win against women

  5. We need more videos like this. This is a serious problem with men catching felonies. Your life is all over just because of a lie. Only the real ones can still make a come up with some shit like that on his back.

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