Does Nav Get a Pass for Saying the ‘N Word’ because he’s from the Tough Part of Toronto?

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  1. indians been in same situations as africans. both countries was invaded and looted by white people. i don't see the big deal. racism only exists because you guys want the shit to be, it's all on the context of how people say it. do you guys get mad at books like uncle tom's cabin because it has the word "nigger" in it? because you guys might as well be.

  2. This some bullshit lol, brown people can say nigga, we're called sand-niggers. Some of us be blacker than black people no joke. Our ancestors where also enslaved when the British came and invaded India and split it up into 3 countries.

    Many of us also have Melanasian decent who are black so don't tell us we can't say nigga. White people be calling us words like monkeys, pakis and sand-niggers all the time. The word nigger literally means dark/brown skin. Also Arab artists like French Montana, DJ Khaled, Belly, and hispanic artists like Fat Joe say nigga and have for a long time, why is this a surprise to people?

  3. who cares? First off, people call brown people sandnigga i know I've heard that many times in my life people called me that, and two, he's not gonna be the guy thats gonna let white people say it.

  4. i posted that same comment on a differnt video but ; Where did the N word come from? Whites degrading term for coloured skins including Indians so if Africans have the right to say it so do Indians / brown Asians

  5. He's from rexdale… a brown kid from rexdale…. how is he gonna get a pass for being one of the many soft brown kids in a low income area lmao he's not a regent park man or a Parma or a vanaulley man jheez not even from Dixon chubby man should chill a bit on it

  6. Pretty sure Toronto doesn't compare to New Orleans as far as being a "real" place…so by that thinking DJ Khaled should be 'nigga'n' up a storm but we don't even hear Khaled using the word anymore, So Who TF is Nav to use it?

  7. In 2016 39 people were killed in toronto…. 14 of which were simply accident cases that were ruled vehicular homicide because the driver was drunk. There were 129 shootings with 238 victims, mind in toronto they classify a victim as anyone who was simply with either party involved they dont classify it by who was hit by gunfire or stabbed simply who was involved in either party. Out of that 238 victims more than 3/4 of them were either uninjured or made it through.

    Violence is violence and murder is murder but it gets under my skin how much people from toronto try to prove to everyone theyre just as savage as any other city when in reality theyre the size of chicago if not slightly bigger and dont even have a fraction violent occurrences. Right now in june Philadelphia, new york, chicago and los angeles have surpassed 300 shooting incidents with theyre homicide numbers already being over 120 especially chicago.

    You live in toronto a beautiful city where most crime is non violent have pride in that because when you tell someone from the states that lives in a city where babies get hit by stray bullets and drive bys and the homicide is above 100 already you look like a clown.

    I wish i lived in toronto so the only thing i REALY had to worry about was maybe having my car broken into because i can live with that if there 22 fucking murders a year.

    Youre not savage, youre people from an area that wants to be savage which is fucking stupid.

  8. Nigga isn't even offensive, just don't say nigger. Here in New York, you whites, asians, indians, hispanic yelling the word nigga in the Bronx but no one give a shit. Add the -er and that's when shit gets fucked up

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