xxxtentacion Flirts with Drake’s Mom Publicly.. Says He Wants to Smash and wont let up on Drake.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on xxxtentacion flirting with Drake’s Mom Publicly.. Says He Wants to Smash and wont let up on Drake.
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  1. Bro, how is XXXtentacion still alive? I'd kill him for that. Disrespect my mother and you're a dead man. Who the fuck does that, that isn't fucking insane? It doesn't end for Drake, does it? A useless street punk, at it again, trying to make a name for himself by being an idiot. That's the wackiest thing I have ever heard come from the mouth of anybody anywhere, ever. Why not make better music? Why not read books and learn how to act like a man, responsible for himself and what he says? Why not quit and never see the Light of Hip-Hop ever again? Dj Akademiks is trash for this video and that click bait Headline.

  2. This is the corniest kid shit I've ever seen. Why are all these super Corny MF tryin to be relevant. That's why we are still behind, because we see this bullshit as NEWS?? Grow up PPL.

  3. First i thought drake stole shit and ran after i compared both songs…but then i saw some people sayin on digital dash drake uses the same flow. Tbh it's true. Digital dash sounds the same. I think x is trippin. No hate, just an objective wise to c things. Btw guys, check out my beats and subscribe me 😁🤙🏼

  4. These youngsters so phony. This dude so desperate to get shine he will saying anything. Don't waste your time, that's what he needs to get buzz. If his music was dope he wouldn't need to pull this. Pretty sure I'd fuck this dude and drake up at the same time. Katt Williams called it, bitch niggas is getting strong!

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