Would You Be Stay at Home Dad or Bread Winning Wife?

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Mariah Darsha hits Santa Monica Pier to find out if people are okay with a house husband or bread-winning wife!

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  1. One of many problems that would happen if woman were the ones who are out and working and the Men staying home, Humanity would be still living in a cage because women don't create or invent things they only consume what Men created and it's been that way forever. And only those Feminist women think they don't need man FULL OF MEN HATE

  2. Um..stay at home dad ? Lmao , stay out home mom ? Lmao why can't two people in a relationship both work and provide for their family as equal . I couldn't imagine just sitting around the house all day just taking care of kids . I like to make money and have a career . That's no way to live

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