“Who else are they going to fight at light heavyweight…there’s nobody else…both of them beat Stevenson…Ward has the skills…Kovalev is a beast man…I would want to see it,” stated world-class trainer Robert Garcia, who shared his thoughts on the potential rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. Check it out!


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  1. I dunno, if Kovalev was gonna really beat him it would've been in the first fight. He knew it was his biggest test so he would've been in the best shape he could possibly be in, he managed to hurt Ward early but he couldn't capitalise on it and lost control of the fight after round 6. A rematch would just be more decisive honestly

  2. I believe that Ward will make this fight easier than the first plus I think that hes training behind closed doors.

    If Kovalev was smart he would take a tune up fight to get rid of any ring rust.

  3. Love Robert Garcia, but Ward vs Kovalev was WAY more controversial than Golovkin-Jacobs. Golovkin won pretty clearly for me, but Ward and Kovalev really need to do it again.

  4. Im tired of yall comparing Ward to Mayweather and saying hed beat Kova easier.
    Mayweather out boxed Maidana using distance and precise counter punching.
    Ward Tried it with Kova, got wobbled numerous times with that power jabb and got knocked down. Ward can't fight Kova at distance and the only success he had was with the clinch game. Kovalev knows this now so hes going to try to neutralize it at all costs.
    This fight will be 50/50 again.

  5. kovalev won in my eyes too..but i guess i dont know shit about boxing for sayin that but i guess robert doesnt know shit either right cause he said he watched it again at home and he had kovalev winning

  6. I get why ppl watch fights again but it doesn't change anything. The judges score a fight real time, so going back to watch it won't change the decision. Boxing is probably the most difficult sport to score and judges don't have the ability pause the action and check a replay like the NBA, NFL, etc. Now, there's definitely been fights that have been flat out robberies because corruption exists in boxing. However, GGG/Jacobs or Ward/Kov aren't example of robberies. They were close fights that the judges had to score to the best of their ability with not the greatest view of the action at times. I think it was Joe Cortez who suggested raising their seats up so they have a better angle/view of the entire action, similar to tennis. If that change happens, we may see better results, who knows. For now you just live with the results and move on to the next one.

  7. he said it perfectly!! the light heavyweight division is the 2nd worst in boxing rite behind cruiserweight… these divisions suck as far as entertaining

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