Neil Degrasse Tyson says “Shaq Should Not Work for NASA” + Talks Religion

Neil deGrasse Tyson boasts various titles, here’s a few: astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and television star. Tyson stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about the newly found appetite that audiences have for science. He tells us what he considers makes a “real scientist” in the digital age where anyone can post anything online.

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  1. Neil is the goat continuing sagans work along with all the great predecessors his work saved my life literally went from heroin addict of 8 years to following my dreams in getting my PhD in Astro-Physics. Keep on celebrating the hunger of science and spreading it through the world also appreciate yourself and your surroundings the rest will come easy. Peace and love to all. One last thing anyone else think he was about to slay the five fingers of death? Second time on Sway now he's on Logics album? Something is going on.

  2. I'm curious of your level of education, but before you go off about the "system," I'm curious of how many processes you can justify with your logic; keeping in mind the vast majority of our everyday lives are governed by these processes.

  3. just stop scrolling now before you see people who think they are as smart as neil acting like assholes online lol. if you like him follow him by example, he's not an ass about how smart he is.

  4. if you dont know any other physicist by name thats on you. but, NDT is the shit. and that clip of shadowboxing/GZA couldnt have been more appropriate for this man, a genius.

  5. dr tyson is what young blacks should aspire to be. society needs more Neil DeGrasse Tysons…

    you can just hear the difference in intelligence in the way they all talk. lol. the rest sound like fucking morons.

    ITS ASK!!!!! A S K…. NOT FUCKING AXE…. you degenerates fucks! you're part of the problem! stop being part of the problem! for the love of all things holy, learn to speak correct english!

  6. Why do so many black people feel the need to create things like BET and shows like this that are nothing but all black people, all the time? It's just completely overt "reverse" racism. There's no equivalent compulsion to create such absurdly segregated programming environments by whites.

    The fact that you're such a minority of the population, like 15%, makes it so unbelievably blatantly obvious when you create things with nothing but black people that it's racially ("racistly") motivated. It's fucking pathetic and sad too, because it's indicative that you think you need to create special "black people" programming too, because black people just aren't interested unless it's nothing but black people. Buncha racist fucks

  7. one of the few things I've ever disagreed with neil on and thats when he says we are making the climate change when he knows damn well climate has been changing for as long as we can tell. carbon levels have been higher in the past as have temps.

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