Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Her Divorce, Her New Album & More

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  1. I pray that she stays clean…..he is not worth throwing her life away, NO ONE is. So if she needs to vent and sing it all out, DO IT MARY….just don't slip and slide back into that world of drugs….Please!!!!

  2. Just now watching this but I love her candor. I have been a Mary J. fan since What's the 411?. One thing I have learned in life is to never envy anyone as you never know what they are going through or what they have gone through to get to the point they're at. Love the new album and I wish her nothing but continued blessings, happiness, and peace.

  3. Mary will be alright she's a survivor, he a fool for leaving her for someone else then wanting her money to support these hoes he cheating on her with, he's the devil and God won't let him be great for being dirty, one word, KARMA!

  4. she had a prenup in place signed by both parties that denied spousal support and the word pre wld mean this document was signed prior to the walk dwn the isle and she has to pay this bum $30k per mnth retro to 9/16 and his attorney fees…..something is very wrong with this pic….she needs to bang her head against the wall or the firm that drafted her prenump….n u love these fools that mary these folks n then make them their mgrs…fool…a mgr wld be someone that industry eperience and contacts and guides ur career…they earn that 15%…ur dumbass gonna make your spouse ur mgr…wtf?many things that appear to be a blessing can actually become a great curse…wld not for me…i give a shit how great the sex is..aint fallin for the mind games shit…a prenup implies to dnt trust me or we tlkn divorce b4 we even get married…not at all very necessary step…but we gonna work this to both our advantages…bring ur last 3 yrs tax returns to the attorney's office ofc n lets get this done…but mary need to go some where with crying broke bullshit….n u aint make no mnen off the

  5. 😂😂😂😂 CTFU at the comment below…

    Mary J, Mary J you are so beautiful 😍… I ctfu at "Ima get a lil petty." Damn, "Your fans don't love you anymore." 🤔 he NEVER thought. When she said, "Don't do me that.." I love it, we say that in the south, mainly Louisiana (random). She truly is a legend… Respect ✊🏾.

  6. Her soon to be Ex Husband is a dumb stupid nasty burnt looking mofo and fucking the help for years you very trifling and totally disrespectful and out of line she needs to slap the shit out of you again like she did at the club in 2009 LMAO you would think you would have learned your lesson then

  7. No disrespect but those glasses don't make her look attractive at all. They look big and silly. I know this is the style an all but she needs to loose them glasses asap. I hope she didn't wear them one a regular basis. That might be one of the reasons why dude wasn't feeling her anymore. The huge earings and the blond mushroom hairstyle is too much. She's still a legend though. No doubt about that.

  8. What you sow, you shall reap! If it is true that she met her ex husband while he was married she got it back 10 fold!! Karma doesn't have a date on it! Took 16 years but it came back!

  9. Damn, he asked Mary Jl, the famous singer, if she would have been OK to share him? WOW? The famous person is supposed to be so insecure, that they stoop down to sharing someone? Does not compute.

  10. If you look at all the pics with Mary J, Kendu, and her supposedly protege, Starshell, it looks like they were in a three way relationship. It looks like they were openly sharing him. This is just my observation and my opinion. Starshell is either in pics with Mary J, or with Mary J and Kendu; I cant recall seeing her in pics with any other guys.

  11. That piece of shit husband would be selling used chevettes if it wasn't for Mary. People are scumbags. Mary Real and authentically great so she will have monster hits again and that ex will end up on fake celeb rehab with Bobby Brown's limo driver

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