LeBron James and Shaq as Teammates In Cleveland!

In honor of LeBron passing Shaq on the all time scoring record, check out a few of the greatest from their time as teammates in Cleveland!


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  1. what if the prime shaq in cleveland this season, where LeBron playing his game. where they have, on the line up, kyrie, LeBron, Smith,Love and shaq. i tell you, no team can stand a chance to win in a best of 7 series.

  2. still funny to think prime or not shaq had always played with legit stars, penny, kobe, nash, lebron, the celtics…..its the honest truth…had he played on lesser teams he might have avg 10 def reb once most likely due to being in foul trouble or boxing out entire teams…and could actual make a legit argument as a truly dominant big man with the stats to back it. Among the hall of fame bigs as a scorer there was no doubt shaq is among the top 5(wilt, kareem, hakeem, shaq, insert opinon for 5th) since those 4 are easily most dominant scoring bigs. Of those 4 even hakeem avg 1 season with 10 drb. not to mention hakeems defense. Only other player that could bang bodies with shaq and best him do to superior skillset. Yet shaq always had a teammate or team that could maximize his potential im not going to get into the 06 finals. But hes always had hall of fame pedigree assets. Too bad he was never kobes ride or die. Though it prob kept shaq straight playing with such contentious teams, he may have had the fate of a scrub who knows…still id like to wonder what his stats would have been like if he was always in a smaller market and a major marquee franchise player

  3. You just watch this and gotta wonder, what if Shaq went to the Cavs after he left the lakers and not the heat, you can see them working so damn well together but Shaq is just so clearly hurting from his age

  4. All u dumbasses sayin imagine a prime shaq with lebron why dont we imagine a prime kobe with a prime shaq cuz kobe wasnt even in his prime when they won 3 in a row

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