“This is the last chance you’re gonna get…I have messages from your manager, Tom Loeffler, on my phone saying that the contracts was gonna be sent two weeks ago and still ain’t been sent…if you want to get it on, let’s get it on…unification, winner takes all,” stated WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders, who put the full court press on the team of Gennady Golovkin to finalize the unification bout they’ve been wanting. Check it out!


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  1. Billy it's the amount of money you want and you won't last 5 – you know this and you want to have one more fight, retire and get fat – your mental weakness has destroyed you as a fighter.Never mind golovkin eubank would now ear you – and the text you got was perfect -tell the bank manager to relax.

  2. This fucking tool, BJS, is bothering Loefler a week before the Jacobs fight and wants a contract sent while he's at MSG. LmfaO. This guy Saunders is making himself look like he doesn't really went the fight. aGAIN!!!!!

  3. Saunders talking about he's going to move on…..move on to what??? There is no bigger fight for him,what's he going to move on to? Another guy nobody has ever heard of? Saunders is a joke!!!

  4. he paid step aside money to Avtandil kursidse cuz it's much better to fight ggg and lost but to get carrier biggest paycheck than fight Avtandil and get KO for nothing. lol he trapped himself now ggg can dictate whatever he wants

  5. I hope whoever ends up fighting this fucker KOs him. And fighthype, what is this bullshit? Exposes? Dude why the fuck would GGG be ducking the saunders fight. If anything the contracts are being delayed bc K2 is trying to work with GB so they don't take the Canelo fight off the table in september.

  6. hopefully the fight happens, Billy's southpaw style and movement (if he chooses to use it) will give GGG fits stylistically ! After GGG last performance against a southpaw I'd say that this is almost a 50 50 fight !

  7. Im a huge fan of gypsies and their warrior code etc… but fuck mee without sounding stereotypical you can clearly see why they get so much hate. Billy hasn't wanted the fight since day 1 (only 6 months prior saunders told eubank GGG would beat them both comfortably in the same night) now a year down the line and he posting out of shape vids begging to fight golvokin in his back yard. dont get me wrong saunders has the potential to be and stay worlds class but there is something about gypo's and the fact they are soo self destructive that along with fury it aint guna happen. Hopefullly im being a stereotypical cock and have got it alll wrong because i love the pair off them! from a boxing enthusiastic i cant see saunders going past 6 with triple g. holes in his game yes but sunders aint the pommy bear eating fat boy that will be required. Retirement for saunders on a cushty payday…. win win

  8. I like Billy, and rate him when hes at his peak, but calling out GGG like this ain't gonna work, GGG doesn't play silly Billy games, hes been ready long time he ain't gonna jump now cos BJS says so.

  9. this guy is a clown, a shame for boxing
    he ducked everybody Golovkin included and now is saying that he wants to fight golovkin
    he just want to sell his belt
    he look likes more a tv saler than a a boxer

  10. BJS ducked ggg, Canelo ducked Ggg and both have a million excuses! If that is true and the case then Ggg has ducked them both and plenty of others. Ggg has just as many excuses for not fighting either of these two and others. As soon as Ggg wants money his fans excuse him and defend it, but as soon as another fighter wants money they call it ducking. Ggg fans are almost as bad as Pacquiao fans.

  11. Hahahahah ggg aka Lil g is starting to become a joke lol exposed twice in the ring ,the exposed in emails !! ggg does not want to fight billy joe saunders because ggg's team knows billy will tap tap tap move tap hold tap move tap tap str8 to a victory.Mark my words when ggg and Billy fight Billy boy will beat ggg !!

  12. Saunders, all you want to do is beat GGG and then duck the rest of those top mw's. Thats all you, Eubanks and Canelo want to do. Saunders go fight Daniel Jacobs????

    Saunders will not face Jacobs because he can lose that fight and if he lose he may not be seen as great as he is promoting. (Not to me but to many.) I forgive multiple losses and I believe in top boxers fighting each others opponents. Make each other great. Make a name for one another. Fight each other and let legacy and greatness come from that.

    Quillins out there but Saunders don't want to fight him.
    N'Dam called him out, but Saunders don't want to fight him.

    And yes, Saunders and Canelo can beat GGG and when given so much time to prepare, study and spy it automatically makes you better prepared.

  13. I told everyone from the start, Triple G struggles with Southpaws… He's not going to get ready to go to war with a young and hungry Champ like Billy Joe Saunders, hahahaha same reason he didn't want to fight Lara.

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