XXXTentacion Gets Released from Jail after Taking Plea in Robbery & Assault Case. He’s on Probation


DJ Akademiks Speaks on XXXTentacion Getting Released from Jail after Taking a Plea in Robbery & Assault Case. He’s on Probation.
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  1. I don't know who 85% of these garbage ass niggas are until I come here. Damn the rap game is trash right now all of the young artists are either weird as fuck or they're felons. Or both

  2. How u only get 6 years of probation for a B&E coupled with a assault charge and a felony weapons charge? Especially after pleading no contest. Each one of them charges carries a 5 year minimum in most places. On top of that he violated his probation and ended up back in jail for Domestic violence. Where is the violation of probation charge for a violent crime. That should regularly land anyone back in jail without the possibility for bail immediately. Here is my thing with this. He is talented but he just perpetuates bullshit.

    He blowing up too quick too. This whole social media age make ppl not appreciate their successes. He don't even have a large body of work and he has been able to get a look from ya. He blowing up off of 1 song he did 2 years ago. Wtf what happened to the days where artist had to prove themselves in order to be somebody important? He more worried about what Drake got going on than trying to let ppl know his life is fuked up and actually putting in work. He ain't got to do shit but keep going after Drake and ya ok with that. Where the diss tracks not track at tho? Where is the rest of the music at besides that? Let's keep it all the way Hip Hop tho. Not this love and Hip Hop shit where niggaz ain't even really got to make music and hits consistently to be considered real artists.

    He making light of serious situations. Keep your head up and everything but it's plenty of impressionable minds looking at this shit. Like damn, he ain't even got to face no consequences and he bout to be successful. It almost makes it seem like this whole shit is a fabricated publicity stunt. It's not tho it's a very real situation and I hope X pulls through and comes out on the other end a better man. He just acting like a kid that wants his way tho and doesn't give a fuk about anything but getting his way. He talking bout Drake don't care bout the culture. But he the one promoting a image of life where if u do fuked up shit you get rewarded for it.

    Nah player, the life u currently liven is cool for you but not where it's at for most ppl. He need to speak on that shit if he actually care about the culture. Bcuz right now the only thing it look like he care about is trying to blow and he just trying to use that Drake don't care about the culture shit to sway ppl to his side. It's like Troy Ave saying he the new PAC. Just cuz u get shot and u r a rapper does not qualify you for that role. Same thing with X just cuz u rap and get locked up doesn't mean u care about the culture. He just as much a culture vulture as Drake if u really think about it. Wtf has he actually done to care about the culture? Let's just keep it 💯.

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