Russell Westbook clinched NBA MVP with record triple-double vs. Magic | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard, Skip Bayless, and Shannon Sharpe discuss Russell Westbrook’s record-setting 57-point triple-double and what it means for his MVP bid.
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Russell Westbook clinched NBA MVP with record triple-double vs. Magic | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. a triple double doesn't mean anything!! 10 is just an arbitrary number that means something to us because we have a decimal system. he's having a good statistical season but it doesn't translate to wins. Harden has just as bad a team as the thunder.

  2. Ok. Westbrook has had insane numbers i give him that but when i see him play against teams like the warriors.. he shoots 4-16 and does not show up… Same with harden though so its hard not to give it to wb

  3. Arguing the fact that westbrooks uncontested rebound stat as a result of not guarding shooters is irrelevant because they have a great record when he gets a triple double, verifies that westbrook going for triple doubles is hurting his team. Westbrook not contesting shooters will allow him to get triple doubles…. unless his opponent is making shots therefore he won't grab enough rebound and his team will be losing. So gets the triple double = bad shooting night for matchup therefore trip dub plus win. Doesn't get the trip dub = no defence easy shooting night for matchup

  4. russell westbrook is now like ,michael jordan without scottie pippen !!mj was the greatest on both sides of the court but could not go to the finals ,not even the eastern conference finals!!he was in mvp discussions but could not go far to the playoffs all by himself !!!what i mean is that russel needs a scottie pippen to win!!!not a kd but more like giannis type of all star !!all around defensive player!!!and not a ball-hogger!!they can t be 2 of them !!!kd was this dude but couldnt play great together!!!not even close as mj and scottie did!!

  5. Harden has the likes of a Lou Williams to carry the load off the bench. Westbrook is averaging a triple double because he If he don't The Thunder wouldn't make the playoffs.


  7. So there is precedent for a player to average a triple double and not get the MVP award, however there is no precedent for an MVP to have his team below a top 3 overall record.

  8. The thing is Westbrook is trying to go for triple doubles more than winning just about. But if you look at it, if every player tried to average a triple double only a few would pull it off. Thats why it is still impressive.

  9. Since Broussard doesn't value winning 50+ anymore for MVP. Then where is Anthony Davis is his MVP race?? Westbrook's numbers are great. Everyone with a brain saw this coming back in the summer when they said he'd average one. The reason Lebron hasn't averaged one is b/c he's not selfish. Lebron could easily go chase down 2 more rebs & asst pg or have his team get him easy rebs.

  10. Westbrook is over hyped. He has a horrible shooting % turns the ball over too much. Lets stop acting like if others players wanted to average a triple double they couldnt. I love westbrooks passion but he will never win taking 40 shots and having 10 turnovers. He also demands the ball to much. Deadly players are the ones who can do multiple things on the court and can be effective without the ball. Like come off screens set screens shoot from all over the floor etc. None of his teams can ever get better if he has the ball all the time. They always say his team sucks well duh they cant get game experience without having the ball. How im going to get better when youre taking 40 shots and im getting 5. Cant develop my game like that

  11. westbrook stats which is generically the same as harden because of the type of overall system he is under compared to harden's system but I think it could go either way because of the number of points off James harden's assist and just how he plays in a whole improving his game. I feel like some people choose westbrook because of historic season but if you really think about it that shouldn't decide MVP. also systems sometime don't help improve the player, its just the player who improves by work ethic and what the player is better than the other player at which for harden is versatile offense.

  12. The argument the Thunder won a high percentage if gemes when he gets a triple double isn't necessarily valid. Number one rule of data analysis in science is that correlation does not always mean causation. Did they win a lot BECAUSE of the triple double or is he getting the triple double BECAUSE the team is already bad and therefore winning and getting a triple double are both easier?

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