Mary J. Blige Talks Public Divorce, Hillary Clinton, Bday w/ Puffy & Cassie +More! FULL INTERVIEW

Mary J. Blige opened up to Angie Martinez in an extremely honest new interview.

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  1. Ang…and Mair … I love you guys!! Ole skool homegurlzzz!!! Love your friendship!! Wish you guys still did the Lil NYC clubs miss those days in the late 90's…stay blessed sisters!!

  2. This reminds me of what fantasia went through except she had a baby , Mary is my favorite singer my son used to come in the room and say Mary j bilges new video is on ,I have been a fan since what's the 411 grew up with her same age you know watching her not literally knowing her

  3. I remember when she said on one album she showed the scar she got from the guy in Jodeci she usually covers it,I wanted to call and speak to Mary on the home shopping network just to speak to Mary ,doubt ,baggage are one of my many songs everything was played at daughters wedding,i would probably scream uncontrollably and I'm 46 years old major fan seen prison song ,and the movie with taraji a million times ,you still have your fans

  4. Y'all crazy if y'all think he don't deserve nothing,double standard that women set.Ive never heard women saying they dont deserve nothing when the shoe is on the other foot,Y'all made this bed lay in it

  5. I love that she's so honest/real. I love that she's open about what's going on & she still standing, this is why Women are as great as they are b/c inspite of. But God has the final say.

  6. I am a HUGE MJB fan. I love her. I don't go to concerts because…well I just don't! The last concert I went to was New Edition, Reunion Tour which was some time before 1999. But, you bets believe, when MJB came to St. Louis with Maxwell, I was rigth there! No offence to Maxwell, they could have kept him and Ro James and just gave me 100% MJB!!!

  7. Mary I am so sorry you're going through this. You don't deserve this. There's always a lesson to learn but sometimes it's the hard way. Remember your song "Be Happy". That remains my favorite Mary J. Blige' songs to this day. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

  8. Dumb ass nigga those lawyers are giving him false hope that he can recoup something that he is not in any logical, reasonable person-guided universe entitled to; it sounds like his lawyers are using the age-old strategy of prolonging the process, draining her financially and emotionally so that she'll settle, agreeing to at least a few of his terms.

    Nigga is apparently so sick with some special brand of entitlement and narcissism that he can't even see that this is the very game lawyers play to get those fees.

    Get on the horn with Janet, Mary; go ahead and hit ya girl cuz she is a pro at this by now after that plumb fool bullshit Rene tried to pull on her–what she say? "Ha ha hoo hoo thought you'd get the money too greedy muthafuckas try to have their cake and eat it too!"  Shyt Janet got that "stupid bitch in my beachouse" OUT My G.

  9. "Breakin' chicken necks…" "Superhero wit a bald head…" "…she just want you plain and dry…" Damn.  They was fuckin wit her Fresh.  That's one way you know Mary's a true New Yorker.

  10. Kendu the best!! he kept his wife and client making respectable music, booked, and relevant..without him she wouldve been showing breast and singing ratchet..he got her to perform for POTUS for god sake!! we wanna see the books; Kendu deserve more🤑

  11. What a piece of shit he is!! At least you get to see his true colors …Hell does have a place for him just like the song…Hope all goes smoothly and the way it should… IN your favor!!

  12. When I heard Breakthrough I really thought she had gone into therapy finally. Mom, Sis, I beg of you, please convince her to do so. With a good therapist she will finally heal.

  13. She is so bold and shameless about her situation. Many blessings to you Mary you deserve better and you will build your self back up with the help of God it will all heal baby girl.

  14. Mary J. Blige, if I remember correctly you and Kendu Isaacs were "knocking boots." While his WIFE at the time was pregnant and they had small children together( later divorced because of his cheating.) Remember this cliché, " How you got him is how you lose him." The same people you fired everybody, (including your sister)and made K.I. as your manager. I think he plotted and preyed on you from the beginning. I know you will bounce back.

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