Brother Ali Speaks Truth + Spits Live in Sway in the Morning Concert Series

Get a dose of truth this morning with our special guest, Brother Ali.

From being a muslim in the United States, being harassed and detained at airports, to being blessed with the ability of perform in Iran (when rap is illegal), Brother Ali enlightens us with his knowledge, passion and perseverance.

While in-studio, Ali breaks down some of his lyrics and performs a new record off his upcoming album, All the Beauty in this Whole Life, due May 5th.

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  1. Too much of life is surrounding ourselves with people who are exactly like us. If Brother Ali isn't like you—and he pretty much can't be unless you're a blind, Albino, Muslim rapper from Minnesota—then expand your horizons and hear what his view is. You won't be diminished from listening to others; your brain doesn't shrink from injecting other ideas. It's sad for me to read how comments dissect people up. We don't need to do that to each other—especially not after watching such a respectful and enlightening interview like this. "You're not using your heart for what hearts are for."

  2. Nobodies ancestors lived like that? Even being held down is better than a shit ton of countries now days. Not mentioning I'm the past. Read a history book all humans did was oppress conquer and demolish others. Sadly that is the natural human nature. But the hope is that we will someday move miles beyond all of that.

  3. lol wat a fuckin hypocritical piece of shit. he a fat millionaire talking shit about the royalty of america, but "western african royalty" is ok??

    the level of self-deceit here is astounding. they're just stroking each others egos throughout the entire convo

  4. Unfortunately, muslim extremists are overtly killing, bombing, kidnapping, & cutting peoples heads off. The Obama administration identified 7 countries where those who committed terrorist acts in the past originated from, & where a more extreme form of Islam has taken hold within the culture. To try & protect American citizens, Trump has banned People who live in those countries from entering the United States. I personally don't see the problem with that, & I doubt that those who are against the immigration ban, would want these folks living nextdoor to thier mother, or wives, & children. I don't understand why moderate muslims like Ali, don't blame those Assholes within his own faith who force the presidents hand, rather than blaming those of us who don't want them in the country, potentially bombing shit, & killing People in the name of Allah. To take it a step further, all Religion is man made, & I don't think that at this point in overall Scientific literacy, we should continue to not treat it as the man made delusion(superstition), that it actually is (grown adults who have FAITH in magic & folklore). Americans in general don't like talking responsibility for thier poor choices. The black man who gets profiled by the police doesn't blame his peers for killing each other every night on the local news (bringing heat on the entire race), he blames the cop for focusing in on the group of individuals who statistically are most likely to be involved in gunplay. We all profile, we have to profile, Asian females are not getting banned from entering the United States, & pulled over because on average, Asian females are not breaking the fuckin' law. Do we want to be honest, & Straight up about this shit, or continue to deflect & not be real about what's really going on? Responsible Blacks are persecuted because of the actions of irresponsible Blacks, & the same goes for good hearted Muslims. If everyone would just BEHAVE, & stop trying to get over, all of our lives would be made so much easier.

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