Detroit Man Predicted his Death via Instagram Live and turns up Dead shortly after.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Detroit Man Predicting his Death via Instagram Live and turns up Dead shortly after.
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  1. This is why Black lives matter is stupid, killing off your own people then moan when a white man kills a black man like 99% of murders of black people is committed by other black people, if you want to be successful in life you can regardless of skin colour dont play the victim

  2. crazy story so this guy claims when he was a big time bmf dealer he had goverment officials and cops on payroll after all the bmf busts he went clean but the cops and offcials still wanted monthly pay offs. when he couldn't pay they set him up with theses murder chargers after he beat that case they straight murdered him and they are setting up his girlfriend as the killer ….CRAZY Story

  3. Not being funny but if think your going to killed that seriously. Fucking move states!! Not that hard. Foreigners move without a penny and start a life from scratch. People get to comfortable and not open to change even if it will save their own lives. smh. If someone trying to kill you duck n dive away mate. If you need money to do it get a loan.

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