Wiz Khalifa Visits Pablo Escobar’s Grave and Gets Dragged For It

Wiz Khalifa visited the infamous-drug lord, Pablo Escobar’s, grave in Medellín, Colombia and people were outraged by him paying respects.

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  1. Amanda Miss JRappers aren't all gangsters, most never even seen a weapon growing up, they know of nothing wit regard to the dirty side of narco trafficking furthermore n unbeknownst to him if he were old enough during the 80's he'd be a customer high off crack somewhere in a Philly ghetto….. so um ok yea pay homage1 second ago•

  2. For y'all Americans who came in here knowing nothing about narcos they kill the once that mess with them and their family they do that go for innocent people it's like if your neighbor hates you you will hate him back

  3. He did that to look cool period he's all about image just like every rapper it's to the extent where they hope to get shot so they can brag about it for street fame Fuckin pathetic ignorant morons with no ethics and before anyone says I'm racist I'm Puerto Rican and have cousins that are dark skinned so I'm definitely not racist just observant of what goes on as all should be

  4. Escobar did many great things for the poor of Medellin as well he did bad stuff but he did many many great stuff for the poor building homes soccer fields hospitals schools giving money to the poor y’all only see the bad side of a person y’all gotta see both sides he was not all bad all he wanted was to help the poor ppl of Medellin

  5. I think it's at your discretion if you wanna experience the presence of one of the most feared drug load, shit I would just to say I saw it. Now Wiz has all the right to do what ever he wants, and burning a jay to witness history is his choice.

  6. Quen Porta who we show our appreciation and respect to? Many look up to their hero's you hijo de la fregadas have the game rapping about wanting to be like el Chapo, Chapo has killed THOUSANDS yet no one is blasting the game for it, wiz khalifa pays Homage to Pablo escobar who made 33,000,000,000$ during his reign of power. Blood soaked dollars or not most Americans Rob banks and fail mug people in the street and fail so because our government sells the shit he sold it's okay because America is supposedly the dominant super power right now? O_o I see why uwe bowl despises this world because scum fuck people like me idolize people like Pablo escobar or Chapo or Amado Carrillo or Griselda Blanco or la Reyna del sur, miyo sambada, la cartel de cali etc. Believe it or not shit tons of people have respect for drug king pins sorry to say it beats filling out tax receipts for 3 days a week for 200$ every 2 weeks .

  7. they dont know that pablo escobar offered to pay colombias debt, he built hospitals for the sick, everytime he went to the neighbourhood he would give out money for the poor damn i wish i was with pablo i would've helped pablo soo much towaards the end of his life

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