Russell Westbrook lights up Mavs after Mark Cuban says he isn’t a superstar | UNDISPUTED

Did Mark Cuban’s comments have any impact on Russell Westbrook? Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Jim Jackson discuss.
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Russell Westbrook lights up Mavs after Mark Cuban says he isn’t a superstar | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. I'm sorry but the rocket's are only better than okc by 8 to 9 games give or take, no way i would vote against westbrook for mvp. Harden has had a great season, but i never thought I would see a player average triple double the entire season. Players don't average triple doubles season long im sorry. It's so rear that only one other player had done it throughout the history of the nba ever.

  2. Lonzo Ball is going to need more weight on his body Nba is totally different than College he better bring his A game He would be a great fit to the Lakers they need help or I could see him going to the Bulls to help Jimmy Butler

  3. "I'm not devaluing his INDIVIDUAL greatness and stats; I just care more about his TEAM's win record"–another brainless, shallow NBA insider mentality. So, bandwagon, why don't we just give the MVP award to Kawhi since his TEAM has the better win record. See how that works?

  4. Mark Cuban said it at a time when his team was playing OKC (playoffs last year, first round). It was gamesmanship. He held firm to it at the time, thinking the "tide would pass" on the statement. It did not! It had carried over, considering all that happened after that; OKC beat the Spurs handedly AND were up 3-1 on the 73-win GSW, with people still wanting to know Mark's opinion. He, being stubborn, held serve. Come this off-season's proceedings (Durant leaving for GSW), and the added motivation of Russ to be GREAT, so people were interested if Mark still held the same opine… he dug in, whether he actually believed it or not. At this point, Mark is just "rolling with the punches", holding on to his foolish pride and parroting the same statement, as asinine as it sounds!!!

  5. The only thing I kno for sure is Russ will replace Donatello in the new ninja turtles movie. That u can bet on but him wining the MVP over harden is not somthing i would bet on💯💯💯💯

  6. I hope Westbrook Wins. MVP – Most Valuable Player means how much does the team Winning depend on that 1 Player, not how many wins they get. If they want they can change it to MWP – Most Winningest Player, only then will it make sense for him not to Win it.

    The single question we need to ask ourselves is "Which Player does a Team depend on MOST to WIN?" The Thunder need a Triple Double from Westbrook to Win and he has given them that and more.

    Let's be realistic though, there are more voters in the big markets which is also the reason Westbrook didn't start at the All-Star Game, then factor in that there are a lot of Houston Fans in China because of Yao Ming, Game Over.

    Doesn't look good for the Real MVP… Hopefully it'll just be EVEN MORE MOTIVATION for him.

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