Man Tries To Break in Boosie’s Tour Bus While he’s on Stage and Gets Caught Lacking by the squad.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Man Trying To Break in Boosie’s Tour Bus While he’s on Stage and Gets Caught Lacking by the squad.
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  1. Fuck a thief, only got 1/4 of what he deserves. In some places in South America if you get caught stealing from the wrong people, you get a bullet point blank to the hand of your picking.

  2. Isn't boosie on papers. I hope he doesn't get in trouble with the law. Then, who in the heck would try to cross boosie. He keeps it real in his music and always try to inspire us to get a bag. Furthermore, who would consider stealing from a guy who "allegedly" was beat 5 bodies!? Boosie's image is way too gansta for anyone to try and rob. For Pete's sake his was charges with not one, two, or three homicides but, 7 Lol. Who tries to rob a guy who was accused of 7 murders– dumbass!

  3. at least he whooped him and didnt shoot him he did good niggaz from the boot dont play that and im from Memphis and i know that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im just sitting here NIGGA WTF ARE U 😕😕😕

  4. I would have made up the world greatest lie. * look brah I'm a rapper and I thought it would be cool if I can drop my tape on the bus obviously that was a dumb ass idea you can check my pockets I ain't got shit I ain't look in shit I'm just trying shine bro* lmao

  5. He must of not heard Bossie song we be thirty deep
    funny shit 4real dat niga said u ain't no gangster though ..WHAT???
    Jackboi got jackedup
    eye beat when his eyes heal he go see about filling out some job application
    his jacking career over

  6. if that was me when the people came in the van I would have been like oh my God where's Boosie im his biggest fan. You got to let me stay in here so I can meet him

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