Jo Koy Paid For His Own New Netflix Show “Jo Koy: Live From Seattle”

Jo Koy was tired of not owning his own content, so he paid for his own show that is now on Netflix, “Jo Koy: Live From Seattle”!

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  1. Can anyone tell me what time in this vid he talks about paying for his own show? I don't have a half hour to watch this to get to the part I wanted to hear from the title

  2. Just watched your show amazing !! and congratulations. One of the best comics out there and big support for paying your own show . I'm absolutely sure you will be making movies hilarious.

  3. Thank you so much Jokoy for paying for us to watch it. I love that show! I watched it more than three times and still made me laugh so hard. I also told my friends to watch it. Love it love it love it!

  4. jokoy been out since the dawn of freakin ages where have you been? ive only known russel from canada who does diss jokes to filipinoes damn jokoy again where have you been lol

  5. This probably explains the blatant laugh track in the special. I couldn't hear past it and had to turn it off. Seemed genuinely funny, he didn't need the stupid laugh track.

  6. Love jokoy, best comedian ive ever watched. He makes me laugh thee whole entire show. No other comedian has made me laugh that much. Met him once and he is hilariousss. For those of you who havent watched the netflix special, watch it. And if you havent seen any of his shows in person go to it. Worth it

  7. cool bath and the cold compress –awww reminds me of my grandma… for some reason that is one of the few things I remember her telling me

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