Talking Mike Epps Cutting Wife Mechelle Off During Divorce on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. this show is very similar to the breakfast club. i prefer the melyssa's commentary and positions over Angela yee. Jason is 1000× more articulate than Dj Envy. lol my only caveat, you guys relegate Gio to marginalized side attraction.

  2. I really wish Jason would let people finish making their point before interrupting asking another question. For the record Gio was correct. Melissa you're incorrect. Yes i spelled yoiur name wrong, but so what.

  3. lol, surprised Melissa the grammar Nazi didn't catch Geo using the word digress incorrectly. "let digress for a second" instead of "lets divulge for a second."

  4. Jason you be killin me with that "I don't to be a widower, why I gotta get a title cuz you died" LMFAO I swear I needa friend like YOUR ASS!!!!!!! Im here for it ALL BABY!

  5. So if she's used to a lifestyle spending his money, isn't he used to a lifestyle of her cooking, cleaning and sucking him off? Fair is fair when it comes to continuing a lifestyle, right? And if you cunts disagree……us men will just not marry or get you pregnant…..that way you will find another way to try and financially rob us. But good luck with that because men are catching on you gold digging cunts.

  6. Rich niggas learn from these pro women, they dont wanna work, they wanna leave off your riches. Do not get married, make these thots work and earn their own money.

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