Russell Westbrook records 36th triple-double, did it help his MVP case? | UNDISPUTED

Kenyon Martin joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about the NBA MVP Race. Who is going to win this season?
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Russell Westbrook records 36th triple-double, did it help his MVP case? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. Kawhi Leonard is the MVP.

    Beat James Harden and the Rockets in the last 3 games.

    Beat Lebron and Cavs both times they played.

    Playing with over-the-hill nba retirees. No co-all star players.

    Chasing the dominant Warriors for the number 1 seed.

    Harden and the Rockets are 3rd seed BUT a FAR third seed. Not even close to Warriors and Spurs.

    Lost to the Cavs twice they played.

    Got blown out by the Warriors the last few times they played.

    Harden cant beat the Elite teams like Kawhi can

    Westbrick is a useless star padder.

  2. I'd simply give it to Russell Westbrook. The roster he's surrounded isn't nearly as good as James Harden's supporting cast but still somehow manage to win games. It should be unanimous at this point.

  3. After KD AND not winning the MVP, Russ would probably Explode!!
    Dude would beat Kobe record, Wilt record, Devin Booker record, average a Quad, win DPOTY and lead the league in Pts/Rebs/Asts/Stls & dunks!!!

  4. since the beginning Westbrook type of play is like mostly getting triple double every game but the difference before is he have KD before who is the main guy.

  5. c'mon if you take Harden out of the Rockets they would be worse than the lakers, kings, pelicans, etc. And if you do the same thing with Westbrook they probably be in the race for that 8th seed. Hardens teams is built for him, but that team has 0 talent at all, the thunder have Oladipo a top 10 sg, Adams very solid bigman and so is Kanter. So I think Harden will win it

  6. Russ only has one reason why he should win MVP that is that he is averaging a triple double James hardens team is winning he is outing up historical numbers he makes his teammates better

  7. Rockets have 8 players who shoot over 35% from the 3. OKC has 4 and westbrook isn't even one of them!. Rockets attempt 40!! 3s a game… okc attempts 25! AKA why they win more.. Rockets were built for harden.

  8. what is Shannon Sharpe talking about? harden has been a SUPER facilitator his whole life. Houston just went to the western conference finals the year gsw won. He the reason okc made their only finals.

  9. Westbrook wouldn't be able to jack up 24 shots a game if his team were better. Also, all of those rebounds are the result of some of the most shameless defensive play in NBA history. He has contested the fewest shots in the league among players averaging 30+ mpg. They joke about Harden's defense, but just watch Westbrook as he leaves his man wide open possession after possession in order to get boards.

  10. "He has 3 guys over 6'10" and he averages more rebounds than them"
    Doesn't that tip you off at all? Doesn't that seem weird to you at all Shannon? No, let's talk about a massive heart giving you an extra 7 inches of height to grab 10 boards a night. Or maybe, just maybe, Westbrook is hanging around the rim half the time and his teammates are passing up easy rebounds so that he can maintain the triple double stats? He's almost last in 3s contested this season and his offensive rebounds aren't going up, which means that he isn't fighting more, he's just picking up defensive rebounds. Nah, not fishy at all, it's that heart. Sure, he's incredible, but let's have some reasonable analysis.

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