Makonnen Responds to Migos Questioning his Trap Credibility after they found out he was Gay.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Makonnen Responds to Migos Questioning his Trap Credibility after they found out he was Gay. He says “With Friends like These, Who needs enemies”
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  1. CONTINUING other comment

    My point is I thought joe was an old school cat and was also mislead about him being real theral. And I say this because jersey(the hoods of jersey) are worse then ny on smaller land so we take certain things kinda more strict and serious. Like New York is huge and real cats of course doin what they do, but theirs a lot of fake that slip threw those small cracks and pop for they 15 minutes of sunshine, so they fill that shallow ass void

  2. Joe budden Ima try and copy and paste things In the hopes you will read my comments which is Rare for me to ever comment but u got me out my way and mood to tell u man-to-wanna be relevant which that's not the problem. The problem JOE BUDDEN is you didn't come back as an OG, meaning with humbleness and wisdom or even OG patience.

    Instead you surprised me when I hear nothing but your feelings. meaning your real real feminine jealous whining about nothing acting like a stuck up female who ain't all that and on top of that her character is shallow" like 2 foot pool.

    Y you try to bring Akadmics Down in the most snake wayz possible, like you try to bully him and not even acting tuff, ur so snakey that you could tell you get on his nerves before durning and after air, how else could I explain it?

    U the type to see a natural flaw and try to get in the persons head with it to make him uncomfortable. Men ain't supposed to do that. OGs supposed to be patient and come with the wisdom

  3. Don't worry I'm end my hate speech with my main point, Show the genuine, humble, trying to support his family(which is why I wanna beat the bricks off you) because your simply an attention whore-addict-2year old ranting type of dude. Who needs to get checked or please #COMPLEX find some one who first off who has common sense and respect for AK. MAYBE PUSHIN IT ALIL but for example KRS1 who is the teacher with not only the answers but also hit AK with the right questions to enlighten him(again someone knowledgeable with respect whose gonna make his CO-FUCKIN-WORKER be better and speak real facts, not emotional nonsense and envy pourin out like lava lol

  4. This shit is really irrelevant. Non of these dudes use their voices to better the world. Nobody is uplifting black men. This gay shit is getting ridiculous. They trying make men feminine. Nobody has nuts to speak against it.

  5. Does it matter if those rappers are gay? Even they are in the closet it still doesn't matter that's their business. Every man in this world is grown. Everyone can do what they wanna do in their lives. 😂😅 Lol some rappers trip me out sometimes though…

  6. I actually don't even give a damn bout Makonnen bein gay but 4 him 2 lie bout it makes him mad corny like come on dude. Not sayin that all gays or Wut ever sexuality that ppl r into is bad I'm just sayin is stop frontin and just b u always 💯💯

  7. I love this video. Wish I could see him shut Migos the fuck up with these words in person. Migos need to mind their business and stop being scared cuz they made a song with a gay nigga before. They wear clothes made by gay people, get served food by gays, etc. Now they wanna be acting like they judges and shit…foh

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