“That’s the one that got his ass whooped on All access…I still got Conor ‘You Gotta Take This L’ McGregor…it’s all about living stress free…I reached the age 40…I think of things totally different,” stated undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who reminded UFC star Conor McGregor what happened when his MMA bodyguard stepped into a boxing ring at the Mayweather Boxing Club. Check it out!


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  1. Yall white boys is crazy! Money May would school the shit out of Triple Gift! He's straight up and down no special effects. Then after TBE does what he always does y'all mothafuckas will move the goal post. All of a sudden Triple LLL will be past his prime. Y'all will never give the man his credit! Stop hating and learn to appreciate greatness

  2. Fuck boxing and MMA.. just known on the street, man to man, no rules, fighting for your life.. McGregor would demolish Mayweather in seconds with such ease, it would be the beatdown of the century. Floyd needs to bring a guy with 0 boxing fights into his boxing ring to act tough, or chatting shit behind his 10 security guards. In other words Mayweather is a lil pussy assed bitch hahaha

  3. Conor is stupid if he thinks this fight is gonna happen. Dana is gonna keep him as a slave for the UFC. People are forgetting that floyd is now a middle aged man who hasn't fought in 2 years. He's using Conor to keep his name out in the media.

  4. look..Floyd im a fan of boxing and think you're way past top notch and probably top 2 of greatest of all time with boxing skillz but who gives a fuck about your investments.. why is that your topic of convo all the time.. we all know you have money.. lets get on with the fight bizz on you comin back or not, promote your fighters, or some boxing info… i can ga-ronteee no one clicks your interviews to hear about the investments "Al Haymon" made for you..(you didnt make them yourself Floyd no one listening is that stupid to believe) but im still a fan of your skillz young fella and that alone

  5. I do think Floyd will beat McGregor and Floyd is one of the top boxers in history. On being the TBE, I do agree Floyd has picked certain opponents based off of making more money which he is entitled to do. Going by history shows how he has done this…

    Decisions Floyd made while at each Division..(info from another video – Strictly Boxing News)

    130 lbs
    – Avoided unification with Acelino Freitas (30-0/29 Ko's) AND Casamayor
    He was supposed to fight Freitas before Freitas fought Casamayor, but Floyd turned it down. As we know Floyd fought Casamayor and many thought that first fight was a draw or Casamayor won
    – Shane Mosely was king at 135 lbs and people wanted to see that fight.

    135 lbs
    – Shane moved out of 135 lbs
    – Floyd didn't fight IBF Champ Spadafora or WBA Champ Darin or WBO Champ – Freitas (again)
    – Corrales was looking for re-match, but had personal issues which prevented it from happening
    – Morales, Barrera, and Prince Nasim was available, but he didn't fight them.

    140 lbs
    – Kostya Tszyu was top p4p, but Floyd didn't fight him and fought Gatti. Gatti was a fan friendly fighter, but even Floyd said he was a C-Level fighter.
    – At that time Cotto was undfeated, Ricardo Torres, and Quintana, but no fights were made.

    147 lbs
    – Undefeated Paul Williams
    – Undefeated Miguel Cotto
    – Undefeated Antonio Margarito , interesting enough there is a video of Margarito approaching Floyd and asking a fight, but Floyd said he (Margarito) would get his shot in due time to make it bigger and better, needed to wait a while
    – Also at that time we had Winky Wright, Vernon Forrest, still a younger Shane Mosley, Joshua Clottey

    – He fought Oscar (was old at that time) and defeated him
    – Floyd retired at that time until Marquez

    154 lbs
    – fought Canelo
    – Didn't fight Lara who was mandatory, GGG offered money for BIG fight (which GGG is too big anyway)

    147 lbs (Floyd back!)
    – Finally fought Pacquiao (story is well-known, alleged PED of Pacquiao, no evidence and settled out of court against Floyd for HIS drug use, delayed Pacquiao fight..)
    – Didn't fight mandatories WBA Keith Thurman or WBC Amir Khan
    – Didn't fight unification with Kell Brook or fight Tim Bradley, Shawn Porter, or even young Errol Spence (Floyd made a comment about Ali and how he got beat by Spinks who only had 7 professional fights, to imply that a boxer with 7 fights wouldn't beat him….) so Errol Spence would have been right for him.

    – Fought Berto has last fight so far, before a futuer McGregor fight for money

    Like I stated nothing against Floyd, but to claim best ever as a boxer is a stretch. Calculated moves to minimize risk and gain reward I would agree with. Not that he wouldn't beat the fighters above, but he even knows it would have been difficult and so he chose the path of less resistance. Smarter, not harder as Floyd would state.

  6. Conor mcgregor will eat you. You be talking bout all shit with that stupid ass grin but you won't be smiling when Connor takes your money 💰 ahhaa

  7. "To him, Mayweather isn't trying to win a sporting contest; he is trying to send Conor, and Conor Jr., back to Crumlin, from whence they came."This man won't stop, won't break, won't quit until you die floyd. Expect hell old man

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