FightHype.com was on hand at the Mouche Gallery in Bervery Hills, California where undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather showed up to support Doralie Medina as they held a meet and greet to promote their joint venture in Bad Medina Cosmetics. Check out what they both had to say!


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  1. Floyd still has her back literally. Congrats too them both. Floyd, loved her because she thirive for her liberty over security. She wanted to get put on and only left b'cus she felt co-dependant. Floyde much wiser as an owl. Saw this and let her go and supports her success. That is his queen, real shhhh so he letting her write her-story instead of intruding upon her choice's. Knowingly she coming back to him. Not only bcuz of his kingship but also her queenship. 2 Free independent spirits that know liberty, respectt it and therfore can play 2gether as one.

  2. Dude you are a sellout and a Floyd Mayweather groupie. This is a boxing channel why are you interviewing her on makeup? who gives a fuck about what kind of lipsticks that whore is going to sell. I am officially unsubscribing to this gay as channel.

  3. so in order to get a bitch ass autographe I need to go buy some faget ass make up first to show support??? fuck yo monkey ass FLOYD MAYGAYWEATHER! NIGGA I supported u all your fkn boxing career and now I need to do this for yo hoe ass to sign yo mfkn name!!?? NIGGA fuck you and what you stand for bitch! I'm oldschool and stay old school! we all walk around with plain palms and we all die with plain palms!!!

  4. what i dont understand is,z why is it when you see someone that is suppose to be so great at doing make up is, why the hell their make up is allllllllllllways fuck it?..can they not see their own dayum face?

  5. the hate and leave comments are so real. it said that you guys have nothing better to do than to sit around and talk shit about this beautiful woman. her products are amazing and very well worth the money and the wait.

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