Folks Have A Drawback With Netflix’s New Hit ‘Iron Fist’ | TMZ TV

We ask Marvel veteran Frank Grillo what he thinks about ‘Iron Fist’ being criticized for casting a white male for the lead function?


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Folks Have A Drawback With Netflix’s New Hit ‘Iron Fist’ | TMZ TV


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  1. what should be the topic at hand is casting a guy with no martial arts experience whatsoever to play a kung fu master, and hiring a guy with no knowledge (or care, for that matter) of the source material, to run the show… smh

  2. yeah idk what the problem was. I liked the show and the fight scenes. the cast is solid they needed a good actor for the main character. they shoulda used a mask but he was already iron fist he had to prove he was Danny rand,

  3. The show is awesome. Probably second behind Daredevil in marvels recent release of multiple shows in Netflix. People are idiots and will complain about the stupidest things.

  4. it the continuity of the action scene dat is gettin me. like daredevil share the same world as iron fist right? I don't see them fighting side by side as equal. it just impossible to buy. finn jones need to step up his skill or he gona look very out of place in the defenders

  5. this is fucking stupid its like me bitching cuz black panther is played by a black guy if he is white in the comic then he should be white on the screen.fuck my life there some fucking idiots in the world

  6. To black dude: wasnt eminem crowned King of hiphop? because he sold more records then any other hiphop artist? one exmaple and whats the point? Any ways to All the dumb asses The character is white in the comics so they are staying true to the source on that. still they messed up his opening theme with some hiphop garbage. Should leave it with Luke Cage.

  7. all these people complaining about iron fist being white in the comics so that's why he can't be an Asian character in the show is some down right bullshit look at all the charaters that are originally Asian characters or parts that clearly an Asian person should have played by white people. Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese robot played by a white women. also Netflix new show death note. all these parts that should go to asain American actors. ronin, the great Wall. the list goes on and on. I'm a huge fan of John cho from Harold and Kumar I wanna see this guy get roles like eagle eye with Shia. roles that just show an American guy thrown in some shit. doesn't always have to be white or black. hanz from the fast and the furious did 1 action movie with slyvester Stallone. where is he now. give these guys a chance at a lead roles. stop giving the Asian roles to white folks. also I'm very pist about the martial arts in iron fist. so called best martial artists my ass. Netflix with all the money u guys had u couldn't afford a well known martial arts choreographer. John woo, yuen woo-ping, Donnie yen, all you had to do is Google greatest martial arts choreographers study there work and give one of those guys a call. how can u have a show like this with shitty martial arts in it. blows me away. I've seen better martial arts in the powers rangers. not the new one. the old fucking TV show. smdh netflix Kung fu panda could kick Danny rants ass

  8. Honestly… The series sucked shit even if he was an Asian! Dunno what the writers were thinking! But Iron fist was pretty useless… Suppose to know and have been trained with kung fu! But he would always get beat up in fist fights! Doesn't make any damn sense!

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