“It is what it is…if it happens, it happens…he’s entitled to feel the way he wanna feel…good work Dana White…McGregor, they said you finally opened your mouth and you back to talking shit…that’s cool too,” stated undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who responded to recent comments made by both UFC star Conor McGregor and UFC President Dana White. Check it out!


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  1. CONOR WILL WIN CONOR IS SEND TO THE WORLD FROM GOD PERS TO LET PEOPL ENJOY FIGHTING AGAIN FIGHTING WAS DEATH CONOR BROUGHT IT BACK MAYBITCHWEATHER IS 1,60 Height Conor is 180 + he has bigger Reach more Power then Floyd, Floyd is 40 Years old realy small has no Power never knocked someone out in Boxing only won by Deffensiv Boxing hes bad and he will Lose Paqio is so small he even destroyed Floyd and Paqio have near no Reach Guys Conor will Land punches because he has Power and Reach he cant Lose you Guys will see it he will not Lose im 10000000% sure Conor will beat him that is no disrespekt to Boxing both are Fighting Sports Conor is boxing since hes 15 Years old its not the same like if a Fighter playes against a Pro Basketball Player no this SPorts are realy close to each other you use your Hands MMA FIGHTERS BOX AND BOXER BOX THATS IT AND A MMA FIGHTER CAN BEAT A BOXER SAME AS A BOXER CAN BEAT A MMA FIGHTER IM 100% SURE ABOUT THAT DONE!!

  2. An old ass Floyd vs the best young spry the UfC has to offer. My money's on Floyd even though he's not the prime Mayweather that fought Gatti, otherwise it would be the biggest mismatch in history.

  3. Two things people should stop saying. "Conor doesn't have a chance". That's not true, he has what's called a punchers chance. Anyone can land a shot, it needs to be right on the button. And 2… "Outside the ring Conor could literally kill Mayweather". What makes you think a guy who's beat up knock out artist for over 20 years with speed, precision, and defense would just sit there and let Conor maul him?

  4. Sounds like he's been studying his Rosetta Stone books!!! Who cares if he beats him, it's fucking boring ass boxing, but if he stepped in the cage and got hit with some fucking 6oz gloves or got slammed on his neck and his face beat in, he wouldn't be so cocky… I guess you become the champion when you just run around the ring ducking punches, that's exciting!!!! Floyd Mayweather LMAO, boxing has been a joke since Tyson quit! Next

  5. It's amazing how these how retarded and pussified feminism has made men today. Look at the comments. Now restraining a woman from destroying your shit if looked at as beating her up. So now every one thinks that not hitting a woman isn't good enough. You have to let them throw tantrums and destroy. And if they are so fragile that they can't even be restrained then why the hell are we letting them join the military.

  6. A bunch of mayweather dick riders in the comments lol. MMA vs Boxing is stupid, different skills different game. MMA is more dirty, no hugging bullshit that boxing allows. Mcgregor would win mma rules, mayweather would win boxing rules. Thats the reason this fight will never happen, they aren't dumb, they both know this. So stop with the dick riding.

  7. if Floyd was as bad as he says he is then he will quit making excuses and fight Conor. Floyd is a great talker behind the camera. Conor is going to embarrass Floyd if they fight. Floyd is a pussy

  8. everyone who hates floyd always that he's gonna be beaten to this guy and that.

    for ex.
    Dela hoya


    and still fails and now they have excuses that Floyd paid the judges or did drugs like where's the exact proof instead of some statements from other people.
    haters gonna hate no matter what.

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