Flashback: Katt Williams on Chappelle Being Blacklisted: It Set Comedy Back

Flashback to this interview from 2013 where comedian Katt Williams sat down with DJ Vlad and shares his thoughts on why he thinks Dave Chappelle was blacklisted in Hollywood, and what it signifies in the overall world of comedy. Katt also talks about Suge Knight saying that he doesn’t take disrespect from anyone, and racism involved in his recent disagreements. Check the video out above!


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  1. Katt needs to do more voice acting, ask Aaron if he can make a spin off using a Pimp Named Slick Back.. get back into movies, independent movies that show his talents in a better light.. maybe a NetFlix series based off his life like Louis CK did..

  2. Katt has made mistakes etc, but he is still intelligent hes not perfect but notice his interviews hes consistent wont get baited, and shows proper respect for Dave. His new stand up hilarious and Dipset forever sir 🔥🔥

  3. some nigs in the comments are legit ignit as fuck. what the fuck does him or the white man wanting him to wear a dress a problem?. martin did it and now Tyler perry is doing it and?. yet when chapelle did the white man face that was racist aint no one say a beep. Lol dumb ass coons

  4. he literally took a hiatus and came back so all this shit is stupid unproven conspiracy theories and if you look up Neal Brennan the co creator he says Dave just quit #rip to Katt Williams sanity

  5. Dude should of learnt his lessons with the gun and drug charges but noooo, dude wanted to expose us more so he got what he deserved… Katt Williams ruined his own career in the industry!

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