Suge Knight Hospitalized with Blood Clots… He Says his Condition is Deteriorating in Jail.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Suge Knight being Hospitalized with Blood Clots… He Says his Condition is Deteriorating in Jail.
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  1. This the man that threatened to kill vanilla ice if he didn't sign the profits of some of his music over to him and he probably killed pac and biggie too fuck this big headed nigga

  2. HE WAS ONCE VIEWED AS THE BADDEST MAN IN AMERICA, MAKING RAPPERS DRINK PISS ETC, THE OLD STORY ABOUT BULLIES IS TRUE AGAIN. WHEN IT IS TIME TO FIGHT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE BIGGER THEY ARE COWARDS.Since He got knocked out that first time Its nothing but L's now He stoops so low as to blame His ex wife for Killing Tupac? And snitching ETC, what a F

  3. Now this mothafucka won't pay my bail betrayed me tho. Wat I can't trust u. U the one that cudnt pay yo bail!!!!! U gotta lot of cash huh!! huh!!! Suge knight ka ki kil. huh!!! huh!!! Suge knight ka kudnt make bail aaahhhh!!!!! Up NDa LA county they call him S.u.g.e watch his back he bout to get a possessd toilet sit…. lol∆

  4. We reap what we sow…. He's simply getting everything he's done to others. But I hope he turns his life around and truly turn to God for guidance and seek Jesus for answers.

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