“He wants that f**king title…I think he’s going to bring it back…with Spence, he doesn’t have to go over there…but he’s going over there…it’s a tough fight…big, strong guy…it won’t be easy,” stated world-class trainer Robert Garcia, who shared his thoughts on the anticipated clash between welterweight champion Kell Brook and top contender Errol Spence Jr. Check it out!


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  1. If Spence wins he should fight Lamont Peterson next he has a belt. If he wins that as well Thurman will be there for him. Thurman is not fighting anyone really tough right away. Spence wants his now rightfully so. Thurman has worked to hard to give the belts up in the very next fight. He either goes for the biggest money fight or takes something lighter before fighting the winner of Brook vs Spence.

  2. Spence is almost like a Southpaw version of Triple G. I think Brook has to be sharper he has to throw body punches he has to be sharper on the counter punch and he cant just lay on the ropes or Errol is gonna fuck him up!

  3. Brook wins hands down he's fought bigger tougher opponents than Spence has better fighters in his Resume plus he came here & took da belt , stood up to GGG that man has Dawg & Heart in HIM TRUST me that belt ain't going no where plus he's fought fighters who came foward with pressure & won! This Man has Skills in Boxing too hell Naw Spence will see that it will be a whole different ball game come that night oh & That crowd amping him up shhh!

  4. This will NOT be a close fight. Spence is going to dominate Brook, and stop him….possibly
    Spence's body attack is supreme, and he's the better boxer over all.
    Some ppl just talk to talk….and have no idea what their saying. Just speaking out of term, or being bias.
    Kell Brook is a good fighter, with a jab, and nice hand speed&power. But, his weakness is his defense. He gets hit a lot, and defensively moves straight back with his head up at times. He's easy to figure out. Has the same pattern during fights…
    Errol's defense is nice and tight, with head movement. When on attack he losses focus sometimes and drops his hands. But, I'm sure he will not make those mistakes against Brook. He also has a nice jab, and power in both hands.
    Both are good precise punchers, and strong.
    But, the number one thing between them that is not comparable is conditioning.
    Spence has GREAT endurance, gets stronger during his fights….Brook does not. He's more of a front runner…..

  5. Tough fight but not seen the best of brook yet still think has a few more gears we haven't seen yet. Against porter who was coming fwd all nite after Kell sussed him out was making him look silly at times with his counter punching can see it being the same here as spence comes fwd in straight lines at times and Kell gonna counter that ass. Also been watching a few vids and Mosley saying he's seen spence being touched and not handling it that well. Late stoppage or ud for me Kelly cleaning up division then moving up to be a 2 Weight champ p4P after this fight and then Thurman next.

  6. I'm certainly betting on Brook to win. his explosive style and pressure. Will dictate the fight. Spence has a wicked one, two down the pipe but I don't think his rhythm of boxing will be able to contain Kells barrage style and Kell has power…which I think will put Spence alot more on the back foot.

  7. Errol spence is gonna murder brook worse than ggg did mark my words. Clean KO. This man don't get high praise from mayweather just cause. He's huge. Bigger than kell and I don't think people see that. He will go and beat Canelo too mark my words and possibly ggg.

  8. I see Brook vs Spence like Gatti vs mayweather , Brook to GGG blows after a tough fight like that I see Brook getting dropped once or twice and Spence just steamrolling Brook. Brook withstanding it but getting brutally beat and another white towel being waved. just my prediction. Spence is very hungry, Brook already has had the title and can barely make weight. let's also remember Brook is coming off a brutal loss. Spence is fresh.. now if Brook never took that fight this would play out much different. Brooks chances would be way better.

  9. I'm English always liked Mexicans were not racist like Americans are 😂 we respect Mexicans.. any way enough of me talking shit!!!.. he ain't got a chance in hell

  10. Algieri was a world champ by beating Ruslan Provodnikov. Bundu was a multiple European world Champ and Bronze medalist in the Boxing world championships, a journeyman but a solid fighter. Brook had Shawn Porter which was a tough fight for him  and GGG. Both fighters have not faced a ton of elite competition but I've seen all fights from both fighters and I think Spence will win he dictates the pace in each fight he's in and his body work is real and everyone he faces covers up then he explodes to the head. Kell probably has the best 1-2 in boxing and a sneaky uppercut. He fights well but has been tagged a lot in previous fights. I think that his eye may be a problem for a big puncher and may come to be like Magarito when he gets in there with Spence.

  11. Thurman ain't shit! No skills! I just been telling other fuks on these videos that. but you know how a nigga that's bias racist or a clear fukin hater reply on your comments! I'm going for boxings future! Let's go spence! Thurman your bitch ass next. Your biggest problem was almost an old man name Luis Collazo body shot! But you gonna run until you can't and you will be gone! Let's make boxing the best again. No hype!!

  12. Can Spence mix up the head shots and body shots and still maintain his defence? Is he able to fight off the back foot effectively and can he think rationally when he is hurt and/or under pressure. Spence's recent fights don't seem to have taught him anything at all. The same old heavy bag work to the body has sufficed so far. A bit of variety would be nice and beneficial to Spence.

  13. people think Brook is going to just stand in front of Spence and let him break him down.. brook is bad news for Spence he can bang hard and is technically a good alround fighter with a ram rod jab. spence don't move his head and can't fight on his back foot. brook by stoppage

  14. Why do people think Spence could get screwed over if it goes to points? There are examples of foreign fighters getting screwed both sides of the Atlantic. As long as we get a good fight, that's where I care about.

  15. People see how Errol wins his fights demandingly also if you look him up you'll see some vids of him hitting the heavy bag with his back looking sculpted like a statue. people know he's not to mess with that's why ppl are giving him praise cause they can see and feel the energy he brings unlike many other fighters including "champions". I think it can come down to a stoppage Errol seems determined

  16. Kell brook cames to the US to win the title.. and he didn't need to knock porter out.. he outclassed porter looked better than Thurman. Spence comin to the uk is not a good enough reason for anyone to pick him

  17. it wasn't that long ago they were saying brooks a pussy when they were talking brook vs rios now his boys saying brook beats the biggest hype in America just shows they were not wanting rios too fight brook

  18. All these pricks in yankland who think novice spence is going to Bramall lane with an untested chin is just going to walk right through a determined seasoned experienced world champion,an extra motivated world chmpion fighting on his own football ground with all the fans cheering him.I mean dont they explain why they somehow think Brook wiil lose? Fuckinplain arrogance.

  19. Anybody know where i can find Nicky Cook vs Steven Luevano fight?? i've search through youtube and still nothing. i did a quick search on google but still can't find the damn fight.

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