Rico Recklezz on 21 Savage: You Can’t Be Tough All the Time

Rico Recklezz & Killa Kelz sat down with VladTV to discuss Chicago and the rise of gang culture. Rico touches upon snitching and the stigma that it has in the hood and how he would never, under any circumstance, snitch. He goes on to discuss social media and how the gossip often times leads to violent situations.

Check out the exclusive interview here.


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  1. Bruh some y'all sound ignorant as fuck. 21 got a career now making money and shit so why the fuck would he go out and start killing niggas just for saying his name while he making millions of dollars. I ain't no dick riding nigga but I'm just saying. If I'm making millions and some nigga idk mention me or diss me I ain't gonna catch a murder case for they bitch ass ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Funny how Vlad walks them into their "community problems" and gets them to admit that yeah, its all fucked up because of themselves. Its never said but its spelled out so clear after 5 or 6 minutes in: YOU are the problem of YOUR community and they can't see it. Just endlessly blaming cops or others for problems.

    Vlad says "You see what I mean? Your stuck in a cycle, going to jail, because you're trying to handle everything yourself(outside the law." Rico immediately replies with "we live in poverty bruh". throw my hands up in the air WTF? There you go, just instantly put off the blame on something entirely unrelated. Then he sets up a murder strawman situation where he says he'd rather go to jail for 20 years, admitting that he'd abandon his son and wife instead of letting the cops put the murderer in jail for life. Then tries to defend that saying "5 visitations a month" as if thats being a good enough father.

    Fuck… recognize. Wanna know the dumbest fucking phrase that plagues the black community? 'Real Nigga'. Striving to be a "real nigga" is pure fucking cancer, and it shows.

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