LaVar Ball and Chino Hills’ Head Coach have an ongoing feud | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss LaVar Ball’s season-long dispute with Chino Hills’ Head Coach Stephan Gilling.
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LaVar Ball and Chino Hills’ Head Coach have an ongoing feud | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. In my opinion, the outrageous pronouncements of LaVar Ball just ended his sons great future (if there ever will be).
    Lonzo will never land in the first round of the coming draft. And for the other 2 sons, it's bye bye in Chino Hills (and possibly in college in UCLA).

  2. "I'm not out of control, you're out of control"

    -Lavar Ball 2017

    P.S I used to respect this man for his positive reinforcement but he's making his oldest sun have a target on his freaking back when he gets drafted. Lamelo and Liangelo aren't learning proper team basketball if everything they're learning is from their dad. Lonzo might not get even get drafted

  3. I think Lavar Ball deserves a prize for parenting, because he has created an environment for excellence and made those boys the players they are: very confident and achieving. But the stuff he's saying about himself and about business is getting on my nerves now. It was cool when he was super confident in his sons (and most superstar athletes have strong fathers), but now he's sounding more like an egomaniac. Tiger and Serena's dad thought their kids would be GOATs and pushed hard but did Earl Woods and Richard Williams compare to Jack Nicklaus and John McEnroe? Did they command attention?

  4. LaVar Ball RUNS Chino Hills….
    If you have not already seen this video, you hear him coaching from the front row
    ALL game long!!!

    Search our Video
    Oak Hill Academy SERVES LaMelo Ball 1st EVER HS LOSS!!! Chino Hills LOSES

  5. Lavar Ball just needs to be quiet. Plain and simple. You know for a fact that if all 3 of his boys make it to the NBA, even though he is their father, he is going to want some of their money. He's wanting to be their agent. That's how I feel about it. All he sees is money signs. If he gets too rowdy (like an ex-NBA player shoving security) he could be banned from NBA arenas. Ijs.

  6. Lavar is a nightmare. Can't believe what he's doing to high school students. Selling them out like a reality show and dramatic. This guy is nuts.

  7. Dude on the real he need to calm down he's literally acting like he own the whole basketball ball game like dude your boys are good but you don't run anything people aren't going to pick his kids if he saying he is going to run it people are saying naww I don't want nothing to do with his father so they aren't going to get drafted at all

  8. Wise man knows that there's always 2 sides to a story. He needs to hear his side because there is a difference between being extra to gain his sons endorsements but this would put him into another category and could mess up his sons future.

  9. Why is it that no one's talking about the fact that Chino Hill's coach wasn't even the same coach from last year? The head coach from last year that went undefeated with Lonzo was an Asian guy, who now coaches Mater Dei, who Chino Hills lost to earlier this year.

  10. If my children went to Chino High I would SUE right now! Lavar BALL-LESS appeared on your show and OPENLY ADMITTED that HE FED, HOUSED and GOT the Coach the COACHING JOB at Chino High!! All to ALLOW HIS KIDS TO EXCEL! That is ILLEGAL and UNFAIR to ALL of CURRENT. PREVIOUS and COULD HAVE BEEN BASKETBALL Players at the school!

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