Glen Davis takes Ray Allen’s side – He should be at Celtics championship reunion | UNDISPUTED

Glen Davis joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics.
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Glen Davis takes Ray Allen’s side – He should be at Celtics championship reunion | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. You see that you simple minded idiots who are looking at Ray Allen as the bad guy for leaving to Miami? There's two sides to a story. Ray Allen is legit and has perfect reasoning for why he left the way he did.

  2. Davis seems like a good guy. Shannon is right about this being absurdly petty. Sounds like KG's work. I loved Ray's game. He's a Hall-Of-Famer, in my opinion. His comparison to Curry doesn't match well. They are/were both awesome shooters. However, Curry is a little guy with limitations around the rim. In Ray's prime, he was a big guard slasher who finished over the rim and shot 3's. When he was a Sonic, he carried our (now) painfully nonexistent team. Ray was in range when he walked in the arena. Curry may be a better shooter but Ray may have the prettiest jumper ever. Bury the hatchet, former Celtics!

  3. if I was ray Allen… I wouldnt even wanna go to the "reunion" .. I'd take a pic on a beach in Miami with my "Heat" jersey on wearing my two championship rings !! fucktheceltics.. hes the reason while y'all won a championship…. #DISREPECTFUL

  4. Skip Brainless, speaking like ur stupid self again, U make it sound like it was all Allen that won game 6, & that no one else should get credit for that win. Just remember, Heat down 5 w/ 28 secs left, it was LBJ who ignited the rally w/ a 3 point shot to instantly cut the lead to 2. Without that all imp 3 pointer of LBJ, there might have not been an Allen shot to tie the game & sent it into OT.

  5. Didn't Big Baby and the rest of the Celtics on Area 21 say it wasn't that he left for Miami it was how he left. Then why is Big Baby saying it was because he went to Miami. Know one ever had a more appropriate nickname the Big Baby Glen Davis

  6. How stupid is Glen Davis point? The Heat is the enemy? Well you can learn a lot from the enemy. I'll make this short. In the NBA, (or any sport) you have a small window of time to make the most money possible. Once injuries and age takes its toll, there's no turning back the clock. Do you know how many players leave the NBA broke? This is an opportunity that is not afforded to many. Glen Davis should get on a "LeBron" type diet, (monitor what you eat) get a "LeBron" type mindset (back in playing shape) to see if some team will take a chance on him because he has a championship on his resume. "Think!" Glen Davis, it's time to grow up and stop being a "Big Baby."

  7. This guy is a hypocrite. He's on here running his mouth about how Ray Allen should be apart of the reunion then goes on Area 21 co-signing all the other guys claiming they didn't want him there. Big Baby is a fraud.

  8. Rondo is the one that shouldn't be invited, Perkins who played really good in Boston got traded, Allen leaves, and Rondo ends up leaving Boston not as a free agent but as part of a trade deal, and thats when people started realizing that Rondo is a cancer, Goes to Dallas doesn't click with Carlisle, Then Sacramento doesn't click with Karl, Now Chicago doesn't click with with Hoiberg 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. skip sucks I can't never get through a whole video with him and Max ,Steve a Smith, Shannon is the most legit,he should leave them. I know he's making money but he should get his own personal show and deal with people who has common sense

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