Westbrook Notches 1st PERFECT Triple-Double In NBA History! | March 22, 2017

Watch Russell Westbrook’s triple-double (18 points, 14 assists, 11 rebounds) which propelled the Thunder to a 122-97 victory over the 76ers. Russell Westbrook became the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double while also being perfect from the field (6-6 FG) and the free throw line (6-6 FT).


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  1. Top 5 point guards in present time

    Only reason why curry is so low is because his game is not as amazing as last year and makes question his consistency but he is still an amazing player

  2. Why are there so many "Oohhh, look at me im a insert NBA team here fan but westbrook is the best player ever!" It doesn't make you special and no one cares… Plus half them comments bullshit okc fans…

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