FightHype.com was on hand in Sheffield, England where IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook and top contender Errol Spence Jr. held a press conference to officially announce their upcoming May 27 showdown. Check out what both fighters and their trainers had to say during the presser.


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  1. Brook knows he's going to get slaughtered. He's trying to be confident, trying to say the same things, but you can tell he just knows what's coming.

  2. Wow. Kell is trying to be cool but he looks shook already. USA,USA!!!!SPENCE ALL DAY!!!!! If you live in the states. Support the home team. Let's go Spence!!!!!!

  3. out of brook's 37 fights , he has only faced 2 good opponents. thats it…. how can anyone call danny garcia and floyd mayweather a cherry picker and not say shit about kell brook? his whole career is cherrys other than 2 people!

  4. Wow can't believe how many people in these comments are underating Brook.

    He's a great fighter. A top top technician and brutally powerful fof his size with a granite chin. He doesn't look it but the effects his punches have on his opponents says it all. They noticeably lose confidence and take less risks when he hits them

    I like Spence too, he looks phenomenal and destined for the top but this is NOT an easy fight for him. He'll have to take a punch very well to win this

  5. I am a big Kell Brook fan… but I have got to say that I am a little worried about this fight…. Spence looks bigger than Kell and looks in far better shape. The skills I would say are even. This is a genuine 50/50 fight!

  6. Kell Brook trainer just said in the beginning of the conference, "besides Triple G damaging Brooks eye. Triple G didn't put a dent in Brook. "
    What?!?! he broke your fighters eye socket!!!!! I call that a significant dent sir. Kell Brook better find a trainer who at least keeps it real with him. Spence by stoppage!!!

  7. Kell isn't Special…I watched the Carson fight..He isn't that big of a banger and body blows bother him..The only hype is Brook.. Feed bums that have LOST 188 fights.. Can't wait for the bout..

  8. Fuck being ignorant/racist/biased/patriotic I'm American and hoping for kell to win. I can't understand how he doesn't give a boxer like kell respect. All these casuals saying spence will knock him out are retards it's funny how Errol and his team believe these fake casual fans that will be MIA after the fight. This reminds me of the mayweather/pacqioua situation. Manny believing his pactards and people believing mayweather was scared of a oversized midget.

  9. This fight will be a TKO. Kell brook will retire in the corner so his team can say "we never lost, we had to quit to avoid further injury". Spence is the better fighter fought the better opposition, hell he's even sparred better fighters then the 34 fighters brook has faced at WW.

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